Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tiger's Curse and Tiger's Quest

By Colleen Houck

Tiger's Curse

Meet Kelsey Hayes, a new graduate of high school, looking for a summer job. She finds temporary work as a worker at a circus in Oregon where she lives. Little does Kelsey know that taking this job will change her life. She becomes attached to a white tiger in the circus, Dhiren, and when he is sold, she is asked to be the tiger's caretaker on his trip to his new home in India. When Kelsey gets there she ends up stranded with the tiger in the middle of the jungle. She is stunned when the tiger transforms into Prince Dhiren from the seventeenth century who has been cursed by a magician. He needs Kelsey's help to break the curse. They travel through India seeking those people and places that can help them with the curse and along the way they fall in love.

Follow Kelsey on her journey to India and love. This novel will have you turning page after page until you finish it! Colleen Houck weaves a story of action, romance, danger and fantasy that you can't imagine! I could not put this book down until forced because I was so tired and couldn't read any longer. Then it was the first thing I picked up in the morning! A must-read for any avid book reader and romantic at heart. Kelsey's journey isn't your typical one, but it will leave you wanting more! Hooray for Colleen Houck who has created a new world for me to be a part of!

Tiger's Quest

This book is the sequel to Tiger's Curse. Amazingly, I found it even harder to put down than Tiger's Curse. This story is a continuation on the first. Kelsey has decided to give up her own happiness for her first love, Dhiren, or Ren and she calls him. She decides to move back to America and leave Ren behind in India. Kelsey loses herself in college life and eventually meets a great guy, Li, who has no significant drama in his life (such as being cursed as a tiger). When Kelsey is beginning to think she could be able to put Ren behind her, it seems that her past returns to bring her back into a life of romance and danger.

This series just keeps getting better and better! I can not wait for the next book, Tiger's Voyage, to come out. I don't want to wait two more months to see what will happen next in Kelsey's life. These books draw you in from the first page and will have you reading until your eyes are burning with fatigue! But they are worth the pain! I highly recommend this series and promise that you won't be disappointed in it! Five stars for The Tiger's Series by Colleen Houck!!! These are my new favorite books!

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