Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snarky and Sweet by Susan Denney

CAUTION: This review contains spoilers!!!!

A little bit about this book:

"Lee Landry is a French teacher at the only high school in tiny San Pablo, Texas. She has a condo, a small car, and an even smaller retirement fund. She isn't married but has a crush on a fellow teacher who has never gotten around to asking her out.

Her identical twin, Lurlette, is married to multibillionaire Horatio Alger Chang. She lives in a mansion in San José, California. The diamond in her engagement ring is the Maharani Red, one of the largest red diamonds in the world with a price tag of 2.3 million dollars. When Lurlette realizes her marriage is over, she decides to move in with her sister Lee. And even though Lurlette brings jewelry, clothes and a Cézanne still life with her, she doesn't have any cash.

Lee is exasperated. She has never understood why she and Lurlette don't get along. Now that Lurlette is back, Lee knows her quiet life will be disrupted and that her bank account will suffer. What she doesn't know is that her love life, her career, and her future will be forever changed."

I enjoyed this book overall. It was a different take on identical twins. Lurleen, who goes by Lee, is the sweet twin and her sister Lurlette, is the snarky twin. Their relationship is not what you would expect of twin sisters. They argue and disagree most of the time. Lurlette is very self-absorbed and is all about money and her image. Lee just wants a quiet, peaceful life and hopes to one day get married and have a family.
Lurlette crashes at Lee's condo while she gets a divorce and tries to snag her next rich husband. Lee just wants her out and a chance to date her co-worker Halbert. Because Lurlette is still connected to Chang, her soon-to-be ex-husband, she is in the news constantly. She doesn't want to speak to Chang about it, so her twin, Lee does.
Throw in a double-kidnapping and a lot of chaos and then Lurlette is divorced and moving to New York. Lee thinks Chang is nice and that maybe he has feelings for her.
I really had a hard time with the ending of this book. Lee and Chang elope after seeing each other maybe three times total and after having a couple of phone conversations. This was hard for me to swallow because it is so unrealistic to me and very out of Lee's character. I usually don't spoil any endings for anyone, but I couldn't get over this part of the book. Overall it is a fun read and a nice book. I give it three out of five stars.

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