Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet 21 Birthday Ball by J. Adams

Excerpt from the book:
"When Italian pastry chef, Marcello Giannini took the train to visit his parents, he could never have guess how much this one trip would change the course of his life.
Dominique Jensen has only loved one man her entire life, and she has been unable to open her heart to another. Discouraged, she wonders if the dreams and wishes she has fostered for so long will ever come true.

But how long is too long to wait for love

My review:

I really enjoyed this short story. It was well written and I could see how Dominique and Marcello's love for each other grew and changed. I enjoyed how the book began with Dominique bossing Marcello and how he was wrapped around her finger from the first moment. I appreciated how their relationship grew and changed as each year passed when he would come to visit her in the summers. I wasn't sure why Marcello felt that he had to wait until Dominique was twenty-one before he could tell her he loved her. Why not eighteen or nineteen? He had already waited so long for her to grow up. That was my one complaint, I think he should have expressed his love for her sooner. Other than that, it was a perfect short romantic story. The ending was great because I got a glimpse into their life together! I enjoyed reading this book and wished it was longer! If J. Adams decides to make this into a full-length novel I would love it! But it was wonderful as a short story!

I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Thanks so much, Crystal! And that is a possibility in the future:-)
    I appreciate your review.

  2. You are welcome Jewel, I enjoyed your book!