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Dark Passage (Chosen #1) by M. L. Woolley

About the book:

"Jen hides in a rundown mansion when her life falls apart, has vivid experiences with a beautiful male entity who longs to be her soulmate, and must choose reality of living or dead. Her childhood friend Ivy 19, from a rough past, can communicate with the dead, and other supernatural gifts emerge. Ivy will resist the evil that would separate the lovers.

“With one final glance behind her, Jen urged her horse forward, and toward the safety of the mountains. Her heart was heavy and she immediately thought of the other realm. Her hope was that they were aware of what had happened and would help. Chaos was already breaking out; and the world was in danger of slipping back to a time of great darkness, reminiscent of the Middle Ages."

My Review:

Dark Passage is a gripping story and I finished it in one day!  The story felt magnetic and I could not stop reading it!  It is told from several different point of views and that was confusing to me at first, because I didn't know we had changed to a different character's POV.  For future books, I think putting the character's name at the top of the page would help clear up that confusion.  I really appreciated the different views from each character though, it really helped to round out the story.  

Dark Passage is ultimately about good versus evil.  A great battle is looming between the two sides.  Which side will each character choose?   This gripping story will have you uptight and maybe a bit anxious, until you finish the book!  Will Jen be united with her soul mate and will good ultimately win over evil?  The dark parts of this book were a bit dark for my taste.  Reading about certain ritual sacrifices for the evil side were  hard for me to stomach.  However, they were not too descriptive, I am just more sensitive to violence than some people.  That said, I was totally dumbfounded when the author dropped the "f-bomb" in the middle of the book.  I felt it was completely out of place and not necessary to the story.  For a book that discusses angels, God and the ultimate good, it seemed uncalled for.  For those reasons I gave it four stars out of five.  An overall great read, Dark Passage will not disappoint!  I am anxious to see how things work out in the next book in the series!

UPDATE:  Since posting my review the author has contacted me and informed me that the "f-bomb" has been taken out of both the Kindle version and the paperback version of the book!

You can pick up the Kindle version here.

You can pick up the paperback version here.

Happy Reading!!!

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