Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Forgotten Isle by L.E. Engler

About the book:

Even Legends Were Kids Once. Before Arthur was King, the legendary Ruler of Britain, before the Round Table, before Lancelot and Guineverea] Arthur finds himself magically transported back to 2200 BC, the Bronze Age. An evil power has entered the realm and Finias is under attack. The people are being hurt and killed, and the villagers flee from the demon power. Kaylee, the Earth Mother, is sworn to protect her people, but she has run out of ideas. So she reaches 2700 years into the future and transports young Arthur of the Britons to her. Someday Arthur will unite all of England and be King, but right now heas only 12. Does he have the knowledge and power needed to save her people?

My Review:

I was so lucky to win this in a goodreads first reads giveaway! The Forgotten Isle is a middle grade book about King Arthur before he was king, when he was just a boy of twelve. He is swept back in time to try to help the people of Finias from the Bronze Age defeat the evil Kulluck creatures. I appreciated how two boys, Arthur and Taran, from two completely different time periods, worked together and became friends. Reading about their friendship was wonderful. I loved this book and read it quickly! A great book full of action appropriate for this age-group, The Forgotten Isle will be a book you will not soon forget! Five stars!  

Bryson's Review (he is 10):

I liked the book a lot.  I think that The Forgotten Isle was a great book. It was great because it had a lot of action and adventure in it. If I were to rate this book I would give it 5 stars.

You can pick the Kindle version up here.  

You can pick up the ebook version here.

You can pick the paperback version here and here.

Happy Reading!!!

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