Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guest Post by Frankie Rose, Sovereign Hope Book Trailer and Operation: Find Daniel

Sovereign Hope Book trailer and Operation: Find Daniel

Sovereign Hope came out just over two weeks ago and I’m still reeling! All of the support sent to me via email, in person and online has been mind boggling, so a huge thank to you all!

I’ve been rushed off my feet with the release, but now that things are calming down slightly, I wanted to share the new book trailer for those who haven’t had chance to check it out yet. I made the first trailer back in May, and it was so much fun I really had to force myself to concentrate on my writing and not on making videos all day!

I hope you guys like it :D

I’ve always loved book trailers; I know that some of them are questionable to say the least, but the good ones are so worth the all the bad ones. If anybody has seen an awesome trailer recently, please post and tell us about it!

As part of Sovereign Hope’s release, myself and a crack team of Daniel lovers are on the hunt to discover the person who will grace the cover of Eternal Hope, the second installment to The Hope Series. If, after reading Sovereign Hope, anyone has a blinding flash of inspiration and instantly knows the perfect guy for the gig, please, let me know!!! You can check out the already amazing suggestions on my website, by hitting the button below!!


  1. Great book trailer- very captivating. I like the music a lot too. The black and hot pink work really well together. Awesome ending...


  2. Thanks for stopping by Jess! The book is just as awesome as the trailer! :)