Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Book Release! The Thief Prince by Cheree Alsop!

When her brother’s sickness forces Kit to accept the title of heir to her kingdom’s crown, she is outcast by the others and treated as inferior; but when she is forced along with the other heirs on a dangerous journey, her differences turn into strengths that may save their lives. Kit is tested both mentally and physically as she faces odds both on the battlefield and within the royal social circles. She soon realizes that her greatest challenge may be to return home with her heart in one piece.
Thief Prince is a story of courage in the face of fear, and of love despite overwhelming odds. Whether you are looking for an adventure or the chance to see kingdoms beyond your world, Thief Prince is the story to sweep you away.

This cover is AMAZING and the book sounds awesome!  You can pick up your own copy of Thief Prince via amazon and barnes and noble.

 You can find out more about author Cheree Alsop on her websitegoodreads,  and facebook.

 Happy Reading!!! 

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