Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Magical Misperception of Meridian by S. G. Rogers Book Review

Blurb from the book:

Railing against convention in the kingdom of Meridian, Jona thinks a girl should be able to wear trousers, fight like a boy when necessary, and marry whomever she pleases. She happens upon the queen’s nephew, Lee, who stammers and cannot speak to girls at all…that is, until he meets Jona.

When the queen hires Jona to help her nephew acquire proper social graces, Jona experiences a blissful summer of pure enchantment. Jona and Lee learn to dance, perfect the art of polite conversation, and discover which fork to use at the dinner table. Although they become best friends, Queen Gaia considers Jona a mere servant. At summer’s end, Jona’s job in Meridian is done.

Lee and Jona keep in contact through a set of magical mailboxes given to Lee by the Wizard Farland. When the friends are finally reunited after ten years, their budding romance is torn asunder by an edict from the queen. Against impossible odds, Jona and Lee will fight for an uncertain future. But unspoken secrets and mysteries long in the making have yet to be revealed.

Will true love be denied…or can the differences between commoners and royalty be shown to be just a matter of magical misperception?

My Review:

I loved this short book by S. G. Rogers!  The writing flowed smoothly as did the story line.  It is a wonderful fairy tale book with a little bit of magic, a great friendship and a lot of fun!  Jona and Lee have a great friendship and the author does a wonderful job developing it.  I love the magical "mailboxes"  and the letter writing between Jona and Lee!  There is a great twist at the end that I LOVED!  This is just a great "feel-good" book that will leave you feeling satisfied at the end.  The book is reminiscent of the wizard Merlin from King Arthur times for me.  If you love a happy fairy tale book, then this one's for you!  I enjoyed every minute of the read; my only complaint is that it ended!

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Happy Reading!!!

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