Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Flirtatious Rendezvous (Gentleman Next Door, #4) by Cecilia Gray, Book Review

Blurb from the novella:

Miss Hanna Morton is:
1. an affectionately dutiful daughter,
2. a hopeless romantic, and
3. desperately in love with one Mr. Hayden Banks despite good sense advising her to the contrary.

Mr. Hayden Banks is
1. a reluctantly dutiful son,
2. an ingenious mathematician, and
3. incredibly wary of one Miss Hanna Morton when his matchmaking mother sets them under the same roof.

Hanna is hoping for Hayden's heart, but what will become of their flirtatious rendezvous?

My Review:

At first I wasn't sure of this fourth installment in the Gentleman series.  It started off when the two main characters were only twelve years old.  Soon I realized that this was necessary to the story.  Hanna is constant in her love for Hayden and he knows it.  In turn, Hayden knows that he cannot and will not ever love Hanna in return.  However when a bet is struck between Hayden and his Mother, Hayden becomes confused and realized that not everything can be figured out mathematically.   Another fun short regency novella, Cecilia Gray has yet to disappoint this avid reader!  

You can pick up A Flirtatious Rendezvous via Amazon.

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free.  This is my honest review.

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