Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gentry's Gallery of Angels by Stephy Smith

Blurb from the novella:

Amanda Gentry is engaged to Nicolas Tandy Harper. They're set to marry on Christmas Eve. When her Grandmother Izella Sanders fades into a coma, everything spirals out of control. Amanda takes on the responsibility to ensure all the holiday celebrations are met, even if it's at the expense of her own wedding.

My Review:

This novella is an inspirational western romance.  I love westerns!  Horses, cowboys, you get the picture!  This particular novella is about a girl named Amanda who is engaged to Nicolas, the owner of the store in town.  There is your typical villian, who wants Amanda, and harasses her every chance he gets.  Meanwhile, Amanda's grandma takes ill and she doesn't know how she can keep it all together.  While I enjoyed this story, I found that I kept waiting for something big to happen and it never did.  It was pretty anti-climatic for me.  Other than that, it was a quick afternoon read that was okay.  Three stars out of five.

You can pick up Gentry's Gallery of Angels via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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