Monday, March 25, 2013

Tear by Rachel Van Dyken, Book Review

Blurb from the book:

Life as a teenager is never easy. But for Natalee Murray, things have just gotten way more difficult. Bored with life, she can't wait to graduate high school and get out of town, especially considering the famous band members from AD2 suddenly start attending her school, making her once boring life, absolutely insane.

It starts with a pen. A single brush of fingers, and she is captivated.

But Alec and Demetri have a dark secret, one that could shatter their reputations and Natalee's heart. What do you do when one guy paints your life with color while the other infuses your soul with passion? How do you choose when your heart is divided?

*This is a New Adult/Mature YA. Minor swearing and drug usage.

My Review:

I actually read Pull, the second book in The Seaside series first.  It was so amazing that I had to go back and read the first book, Tear.  I was already acquainted with the characters since I read the second book first, but I didn't know the full story and Tear provided that for me.  I loved learning about Nat, Demetri and Alec.  Rachel Van Dyken did a wonderful job of slowly divulging the details of the brothers' past and keeping me interested in the story.  I really felt for Nat, who was 'torn' between two great guys who were so different.  If you are looking for a past-paced novel with romance, drama and more, then Tear is just what you are looking for!  Want even better news?  It is only $0.99!  That is amazing for a novel of this caliber!    Five stars!

Mild cussing, discusses drug/alcohol use and intimacy.

You can pick up Tear via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Happy Reading!!!

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