Monday, November 11, 2013

A Perfect Secret by Donna Hatch Blog Tour & Book Review


Desperate to protect her father from trial and death, Genevieve breaks off her engagement with Christian Amesbury and marries a blackmailer. After a year of marriage, she flees her husband's violent domination only to have fate bring her back to Christian. Just when she thinks she's started a new life of safety and solitude, her husband tracks her down, stalks her, and threatens everyone she loves. 

Still brokenhearted over Genevieve's betrayal a year ago, Christian can't believe she's come back into his life--and worse, that she's done it on the anniversary of his brother's death, a death that haunts him. Though tempted to throw her back into the river where he found her, he can't leave her at the mercy of the terrifying man she married. 

When her husband torments Genevieve and puts his family in danger, Christian will do anything to protect those he loves...anything except give Genevieve another chance to break his heart.

My Review:

We finally get to read book three in the Rogue Hearts Series and it is a hit!  This book is about Christian's story, the youngest Amesbury brother.  Hatch has done wonders with this novel as you will find yourself biting your nails while trying to figure out how Genevieve can ever get herself out of the mess that has become her life!  There are secrets, revenge, twists and turns all rolled up with the emotional roller coaster of a woman on the run with the man she loves who just happens to not be her husband!  If you are a fan of a good suspense story, historical novels, or just a good read, then you will love A Perfect Secret by Donna Hatch!  I highly recommend you read the first two books in the series before this one, just so you can understand the dynamics of the Amesbury family.  A home run for Hatch, A Perfect Secret has all the great plays a book needs!  I look forward to reading the next book in the series and I am hopeful it will be Grant's story!

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Happy Reading!!!

I received an ARC copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest review.