Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Gift for Lara by S.G. Rogers Book Review


Can the spirit of Christmas mend two broken hearts?

Lara Robinson wrote a love letter four years ago, but received no reply. Now the man to whom she gave her heart will visit Blythe Manor for Christmas. How can she enjoy the holidays knowing Miles Greystoke must despise her for revealing her feelings in such an unguarded fashion?

As an awkward youth, Miles fell in love with a kindred spirit…but his love was unrequited. Against his wishes, he’s now obliged to spend the holidays at Blythe Manor. Time has wrought changes in his physique, but his devotion to Lara Robinson has never wavered. He searches for the perfect present to show her how he feels, but nothing seems quite right…until he realizes the best sort of gift will embrace the true meaning of Christmas.

A Victorian Christmas short story.

My Review:

I loved this short Christmas story by S.G. Rogers!  First I have to say that the cover is simply gorgeous!  If I were to buy a book based on the cover alone, this would be purchased immediately!  Cover aside, the story is great.  Lara and her twin sister Fiona are nothing alike;  I loved Lara and Fiona was just irritating.  I wished that she could be nicer to her sister!  They were twins after all!  Miles is sweet, kind yet he cannot seem to articulate himself while around Lara.  I love how the past comes full circle with Miles and Lara.  While this is a short story, you will be pleased with the fullness of the story and the characters.  Usually with short stories I feel dissatisfied when it ends, like I didn't get a full story.  That was not the case with this book!  A fun Christmas themed read, if you like historicals and romance, you will like A Gift for Lara!
FYI:  this is a 'clean' read :)

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Happy Reading!!!

I downloaded this book when it was free on Amazon. 

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