Monday, January 13, 2014

Knight of the Highlander by Kristin Vayden, Book Review


Colin's loyalty is to the English Crown. When sent into the Highlands to spy on the clans and report any Jacobite sympathizers, he takes on a new identity, the clan Chattan Blacksmith. He expected his duplicity would be difficult, he expected to risk his life. But he never expected to fall in love, especially with the traitorous Chattan Laird's daughter. When his cover is blown he had two choices; leave and survive, or fight for a chance at love.

My Review:

Knight of the Highlander is a great historical romance novel!  I was easily drawn into the story of Arwynn and Colin.  Vayden made me fall in love with the Scottish Highlands, tartan and Scottish brogues!  Reading the dialogue in their native brogue brought the characters to life and the dynamic between Arwynn and Colin was tangible!  The premise of the book is intriguing and the decision that each of the main characters' has to make is a tough one.  What would you choose?  Love or your country?  A fast-paced romance with some 'braw warrior' action to boot, Knight of the Highlander will be sure to please any romantic at heart!  

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Happy Reading!!!

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