Monday, January 6, 2014

Living London (Westin Legacy #1) by Kristin Vayden, Book Review


Love is stronger than we can imagine. 

Love is never impossible. But for Joselyn Westin, it’s not probable. After the death of her grandmother, Joselyn feels lost in world that seems empty, till a cryptic message in one of her grandmother’s favorite books changes everything. 
Sometimes love happens in the most unexpected, incredible places. Jocelyn wakes up in London, during the Regency Era. But her knowledge of the time is poorly lacking, even with all the historical romances she’s read. She quickly learns that life is the greatest teacher. 
What Joselyn discovers is more than just history, it’s a way of living, a way of loving and discovering that for love, nothing is impossible. 
Especially when you find yourself “Living London.”

My Review:

I fell in love with Living London!  Kristin Vayden takes a time travel theme to a whole new level!  Joselyn feels all alone after her grandmother passes away.  She has been so reclusive throughout her life, really on hanging out with her grandmother (her parents are deceased, no siblings), that she never really became close with anyone.  And then she finds this confusing note from her grandma and she falls asleep and wakes up in regency London!!!  It is incredible really because it is more like she 'fell' through time than traveled intentionally there.  And people know her there!  She has her own house and can she exist in regency London and back in her own time?  Add into the mix a very handsome man that seems familiar to Joselyn and you have such an intriguing story you will not be able to put it down!  Everything is not always as easy as you think it might be in London, what will Joselyn do?  Hurry and pick up Living London and read an amazing story you will not soon forget!

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Happy Reading!!!

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