Friday, January 3, 2014

Love Birds of Regent's Park by Ruth J. Hartman, Book Review


Lucy Ashbrook finds a pleasant diversion when she visits the Regent’s Park Bird Sanctuary to sketch the different birds that live there. Birds aren’t the only pleasing thing she finds, though. A certain Sanctuary worker, Oliver Barrow, has stolen her heart. But Lucy’s father will have none of it. No daughter of his will marry a common laborer.

Oliver Barrow loves everything about his work at the Sanctuary. The birds, the trees, the ponds… a certain young miss who mesmerizes him. Miss Ashbrook is beautiful and sweet and shares his love of birds. But Oliver has a secret that just might get in the way of anything more than friendship developing between them. And he can’t share that secret with her. Not yet.

How can Lucy ever convince her father of Oliver’s worth? That love isn't just for the birds?

My Review:

This is the first book that I have read by Ruth J. Hartman and I loved it!  I am a big regency romance fan so this one fit nicely into my preferred genre category.  The story of Lucy Ashbrook is interesting and fun!  I enjoyed how she treated everyone she encountered as equals.  She wasn't typical of her class and didn't look down on others not of her same class or station.  That really impressed me about her character and endeared me to her.  I really enjoyed Oliver's character and oh his secret is so great!  And he was so good-looking too! *sigh*  I must say the bird sanctuary was a great setting and when Lofton was on the receiving end of some of the birds antics, I was laughing out loud!  A new fan, I cannot wait to get my hands on another book by Ruth J. Hartman!

You can pick up your own copy of Love Birds of Regents Park via Amazon.

Happy Reading!!!

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