Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Habits of Happiness – Wendy Ulrich
When happiness doesn’t enter our days automatically, and when life isn’t going as planned, sometimes we are quick to equivocally gauge our overall happiness in life. In this book, filled with scientific research, practical advice and engaging anecdotes, Dr. Wendy Ulrich invites readers to look at happiness in a new way.

Habits of Happiness Review:

This is a short book but it packs a powerful punch! Habits of Happiness is an easy to read book that anyone, even the busiest of people can find time to read. Ulrich speaks in a straight forward and easy to understand manner. She helps the reader see how changing small things in your life, even just changing the way you think about certain things, can make you happier. There are exercises throughout the book so you can evaluate yourself in certain areas. The chapter about recognizing your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses was my favorite. If you are looking for ways to improve your self esteem or just improve your view on life, Habits of Happiness is the book for you! 

Making It Through the Middle – Emily Freeman
Life is full of challenges, and it’s easy to feel the end of our trials will never arrive. But is it the end we should be spending so much of our time focusing on? In this book, Emily Freeman shares six lessons, and various personal experiences to assist readers in staying strong when they are right in the middle of a hard time. 

Making it Through the Middle Review:

I absolutely loved Making it Through the Middle by Emily Freeman!  She uses scriptures, quotes from the prophets and her own experiences to help the reader realize there is hope in the midst of their trials.  She directs her book towards finding the hope and faith to help you while you are in the middle of your trial.  I have never read a book directed towards this topic and this one is wonderful!  It is short but full of so many great ways to find comfort during hard times.  My favorite part of the entire book is the quote about not looking at the peak but looking back at the truck you left in the parking lot.  Perspective is everything!  I recommend this book to anyone and everyone!  We can all use some help when we are in the midst of hard times!

Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Home – John Bytheway
Sometimes the smallest phrases we use in everyday language can be eternal principles that get us through our lives. In this book, John Bytheway makes an inspiring and insightful connection between everyday phrases spoken at home and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Home:

Big things come in small packages!  I was so impressed with John Bytheway's book.  I never imagined that he could pack so much into such a small book.  I found myself flying through the pages and then going back to re-read certain passages.  I love how he related things we say at home like "Help your sister"  to remember that we are all spiritual brothers and sisters and we need to support and help each other, not compete with each other.  He said in his book, "But I believe that Satan knows he's not going to destroy the Church from the outside in.  His efforts, I believe, will be more focused on causing contention from the inside out."  How true that is!  I could quote several other passages that struck me and have helped me to gain insight.  I was completely uplifted from his gospel comparisons to everyday expressions used in the home.  I am honestly grateful I had the chance to read this book, I know it is one I will turn to again and again!

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