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Alora by Tamie Dearen, Book Review


Alora is a normal fifteen-year-old girl who lives on a ranch in rural Montana. Her biggest excitement is the upcoming school dance. Until one day while taking a shower, she sees an image that almost seems real. A boy, with long brown hair and the most intense green eyes she’s ever seen. 

Little does she know that this vision is only the beginning of a great adventure. That her life will be forever altered as she discovers another realm, a strange world of magic and gifts, where a man full of evil power will use any means possible to capture and control her or else to end her life.

Alora must decide whether to hide in the relative safety of her Montana home or risk everything to fulfill her destiny and defend a home she never knew existed. Though despised for their youth, Alora and her friends, mark the beginning of a new era in Laegenshire.

Alora is a book of powers and magic, good and evil, fighting and valor, and love that conquers all. Where urban fantasy and medieval fantasy merge, there we find the adventures of Alora. 

My Review:

I found Alora to be a breath of fresh air in the YA fantasy genre!  I became completely intrigued with this book from the small section Dearen has posted on her website.  When I got my hands on the book I could not wait to begin reading it!  I was not disappointed!  I loved Alora and everything about her.  She was sweet, kind, unsure of herself and beautiful without being aware of it.  Kaevin, Beth, Wesley, Uncle Charles...every character in this book is amazing!  I don't think I have ever said that about any book before.  I loved how the situations felt real even though we were dealing with fantasy and other realms.  There is one point in the book where I think Beth says something like "I have seen things that I don't understand but I have accepted it, so you guys need to accept this!"  This was one of my favorite parts of the entire book because it resonated with me.  If a teenage girl were in this type of situation she would probably say something like that and then at another point she said, "Get over it!'.  It was hilarious while being so realistic to teenagers and their personalities.  I am seriously so sad the next book isn't in my hands to read yet, I really want to know what happens next.  A YA fantasy with characters you will adore and cheer for, Alora is a book I would recommend to any of my friends!

Happy Reading!!!

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About the author:

Tamie lives with her very romantic husband of thirty-one years. Although their daughters are grown and married, they've never had an empty nest. The house is constantly full of young people. Some are temporary residents. Some come to share meals or swim. Some just come to hang out. But the constant flow of young folks in and out of the house brings joy and excitement to the home, and inspiration to the writer.

Tamie met her husband as a freshman in college when she acted out of character on a whim. One night in the library lobby, she spied a cute guy with his first name written on the back of his shirt. She called out his name. When he approached to talk to her, she pretended that she'd met him before, asking about his classes and how he liked college. To her surprise and delight, he also pretended that he knew her, but of course he didn't know her name. They continued this false relationship for two months. Each time they saw each other,an event which occurred three times per week at the cafeteria, he would pretend he knew her. Meanwhile, all of Tamie's friends were careful not to reveal her name to him. When he finally admitted his ignorance of her name, he was astonished to learn the truth. And the rest is history.

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