Monday, June 30, 2014

The Cinderella Debutante by Elizabeth Hanbury, Book Review


Lucy Sinclair’s London Season was cut short by tragedy. Now, five years later, she is returning but only in the shadow of her lovely step-sister. Belinda is determined to catch a titled husband and Alex, Lord Devlyn fits the bill perfectly.

Lucy finds Alex devastatingly attractive yet knows he will be dazzled by Belinda’s ravishing beauty. Her one chance of love seems lost forever until an unlikely fairy godmother makes Lucy the belle of the ball...

My Review:

Honestly I didn't even read the blurb for this one!  I saw it was by Elizabeth Hanbury and from my experience assumed it would be great and I was right!  I love a good regency and this one was great!  Lucy is kind, loving and intelligent.  She doesn't expect to marry since her season was ruined by tragedy.  Lord Devlyn will indulge his godmother almost anything, and when she asks a favor to go check on Miss Sinclair he cannot refuse.  I love the unexpected meeting in the road and how they cannot stop thinking of each other.  Add in that Lucy is sure that Lord Devlyn is in love with her sister and it makes the story even that more intriguing!   It doesn't even stop there!  Hanbury adds in an element of danger and I found myself reading until the late night hours to finish this one!  If you love a good romance, regency, and rooting for the underdog, then you will love Hanbury's The Cinderella Debutante!  

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Happy Reading!!!

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