Friday, August 22, 2014

Spell Check (Teen Wytche Saga) by Ariella Moon, Book Review


5 Reasons Evie O’Reilly hopes magic isn’t real:

1. Evie’s best friend Parvani Hyde-Smith plans to cast a binding love spell on Jordan, Evie’s secret crush.
2. Parvani begs Evie to help her cast the spell.
3. Everything goes wrong when Parvani’s harmless-looking Teen Wytche paperback morphs into a brimstone-hissing grimoire.
4. Desperate to stop Parvani, Evie must risk hex hives and even befriend Salem, the school goth.
5. If magic is real, and Evie can’t stop Parvani, then she’ll lose Jordan. The wrongful magic will do more than break Evie’s heart. It will destroy them all.

My Review:

I have had my eye on this series for awhile, so I was beyond excited when I was able to join the blog tour for the upcoming third installment in the series!  This first book Spell Check is a great YA book about a girl named Evie who lost her Dad while he was on a photography assignment in Afghanistan.  Evie's best friend Parvani and their friend Zhu and Jordan ( both girls' crushes) round out the main characters.  All of the fun and craziness begins when Parvani convinces Evie to help her cast a love spell.  What could go wrong?  Or maybe the question is what can go right?  This fun YA novel about friendship, love and a little bit of magic is a great read that I think anyone will enjoy!

Happy Reading!!!

You can pick up your own copy of Spell Check via Amazon.

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