Friday, September 5, 2014

Flossophy of Grace by Ruth J. Hartman, Book Review


What happens when a dental hygienist falls in love with her patient? That's what Grace Hart finds out when she meets Bruce Gardener. The problem? Grace's boss has a strict policy against relatioships with patients. Can Bruce and Grace find a way to be together, without her boss finding out?

My Review:

I am used to reading books by Hartman that are historical so I wasn't sure how this contemporary would be.  Well I loved it!  It was fun and light-hearted, it made me laugh!  I became a fan of the main character Grace and wanted to punch her boss in the nose for her!  Seriously it brought out some strong emotions in me and I felt like yelling at Grace to just quit her job because her boss was such a jerk!  Bruce was a great hero; tall, dark and handsome with a quirky sense of humor!  I loved how Grace and Bruce could be themselves together; just fun and their own kind of weird.  I really loved that about their relationship!  If you want a good laugh and a light-hearted escape from reality, then Flossophy of Grace is just the book for you!

Happy Reading!!!

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