Monday, November 17, 2014

Dancing with Raven by Suzanne Rogers, Book Review


Tori has spent the past seventeen years trying to ignore her ability to see unnatural creatures. As she prepares to transition from high school to the world of professional ballet, however, seismic activity in Los Angeles is increasing and the number of demons is multiplying at an alarming rate. After a new student from London transfers to her performing arts school, she soon discovers her life has been a lie and someone wants her dead.

Raven’s father, a renowned British demon hunter, has tasked him with guarding the one person who can inadvertently bring about the end of the world. Unfortunately, Raven’s record of success has fallen short lately and his confidence is shaken. Worse, Tori seems determined to freeze him out. Can he win her trust quickly enough to prevent the Apocalypse?

My Review:

I have read quite a few of Rogers' books and this one blew me away! There are so many twists and turns; every time I thought I knew what would happen, that theory would be blown away. Then there was the matter of who to trust?  I couldn't ever really decide who was trust-worthy!  I thought I did, but man Roger's kept me on my toes!  Why is this book so great?  The story is unique and compelling and the storytelling was so well done that I was flipping pages like a madwoman! The secrets, the heartache, the unknown, this book just kept me on my toes!  And seriously, where is book two?  I need it like yesterday!  

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