Thursday, February 26, 2015

Foretell (Wanderlove #2) by Belle Malory, Book Review


If you could provide anyone with the path to their deepest, darkest desires, would you?

Estelle Spencer has no choice.

With just a simple touch of her hand, wishes and dreams are instantly fulfilled. Her voice speaks of its own accord, lighting the way to good fortune.

But not everyone’s fortunes are desirable.

For most of her life Estelle hides in fear, living as a recluse in her sister’s shadow. Until the day comes when her existence is remembered.

Forced into running, Estelle meets Rex, a Romanian gypsy, and the only person who can help her hide. Together they search for a way to end the curse that controls Estelle’s life.

Before she destroys the world.

My Review:

I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Wanderlove and Foretell was just as enchanting and intriguing! I have fallen into this world of gypsies that Malory has created and I don't want go find my way out! Read book one and you will fly just as quickly through this second book!  I love and applaud Essie's character and her courage and honor she displayed throughout the entire book. What an amazing main character! And Rex, watch out baby because he is hot and has some serious baggage! But his kindness and chivalry outweighed his ego! I love how Malory wove the first and second books together and the "aha" moment when you realize how it all comes together! This is a fantastic series that I would recommend to any YA reader, I loved it!

You can pick up your own copy via Amazon.

Happy Reading!!!

Side note:  This is a series I found and purchased on my own. No author or publisher sent it for review, it is just awesome and I loved it and found it on my accord :)

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