Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Date and Dash (Better Date than Never #10) by Susan Hatler, Book Review

Book Summary:

Mary Ann Nielsen lives by her one-strike-and-you’re-out dating policy, but she’s always open to meeting the right guy. When she accidentally rear-ends handsome Trevor Brooks on her way to a charity auction to buy back her beloved grandmother’s long lost bracelet, she figures this unconventional meeting could at least turn into a hot date. Wrong. Trevor is annoyingly responsible and more concerned with insurance reports than responding to her flirting so he earns three strikes right off the bat. 

Flustered from the car accident and being rejected by gorgeous Trevor, Mary Ann mistakenly bids on the wrong auction item and loses out on reclaiming her grandmother’s bracelet. Instead, she wins four dates on a reality TV show with none other than stuffy Trevor Brooks. Now she’s broke and the only way to get the money to buy back her special family heirloom is to win the grand prize money from the televised couples competition by convincing the audience that she and Trevor are in love. 

While dating Trevor on the show, Mary Ann discovers the reliable analyst is fun and kind-hearted. In fact, the more she finds out about him the more she starts to fall for him. Could giving Trevor a second chance mean winning not just the TV show and her grandmother’s bracelet but the love that Mary Ann has always dreamed of?

My Review:

Hatler has done it again! She drew me in from page one and I couldn't read Mary Ann's story fast enough! Then when I had finished reading, I had withdrawals! Sweet, sassy, fun and flirty, Hatler knows how to write a romance that every woman wants to read! I am amazed at how a shorter story (105 pages is short to me) could be so packed full of deep emotions. Most writers are lucky to achieve that in a full length novel and Hatler has done it in novella! I will read anything Hatler writes, she gets women today. She writes about laughter, tears, love and friendship. I cannot wait for more! 

Happy Reading!!!

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