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The Way Back to Heaven by S. Michael Wilcox, LDS Blog Tour

Book Summary:

Our earliest scripture tells the story of those who thought they could build a structure high enough to get to heaven, and of the consequences of that mistaken belief. In contrast, the prophet Jacob dreamed of a ladder sent down from heaven by God, with rungs—steps—that we could ascend to return to Him. In The Way Back to Heaven: The Parable of the Crystal Stairs, award-winning author S. Michael Wilcox helps us discern the "stairs of man" from the "stairs of God." Using the metaphor of a beautiful crystal stairway, he shows us the difference between a focus on "being and becoming" and "believing and doing" in our life's journey. While we may think we know the steps we'll need to take, the author suggests some unexpected—even counterintuitive—yet essential stairs each of us will encounter as we make our way back to our Father in Heaven.

My  Review:

The Way Back to Heaven by S. Michael Wilcox

I am a new reader of Wilcox and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy his style of writing is to read. Oftentimes church books are hard for me to follow or to keep my interest. Wilcox takes a dream he had, comparable to Jacob's ladder and explains step by step through scriptures and related stories how we can follow Christ. I found myself reviewing my own behavior, deciding what things I am holding on to that are preventing me from following my Savior up the stairs. I really love this book, it has made me self evaluate, but more than that, it brought me hope that I can change, give up whatever habits or behaviors I am holding on to and be better! I loved all the scriptural references, I would look them up and  it brought even more meaning to what Wilcox explained. I highly recommend this book to any LDS reader! I have to share one of my favorite lines from the book, "Somewhere among all those paths, all those shadows and dreary darkness, through the fog and mists and towering stone and brick stairways, He will be there. We need only find Him."

Happy Reading!!!

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