Monday, November 16, 2015

One Last Spring by Sian Ann Bessey, Blog Tour

 Book Summary:

 The quiet village of Llanwddyn has long been a safe haven for Gwen, a young Welsh country girl whose life has been fraught with tragedy. Following the untimely death of her parents, it was her aunt's home in Llanwddyn that provided Gwen and her brother a refuge from their grief. Now, with the unwelcome news that the village is to be razed in the name of progress, an inescapable wave of change has begun.

When her brother departs to follow his dream of sailing the high seas, Gwen is left alone to navigate the shifting world around her. She soon finds herself relying on the support of her brother's best friend, Lewis, a gentle blacksmith whose kindness stirs her heart. Resigned to the fact that Lewis may never see her as more than a child, Gwen is soon swept off her feet by Thomas, a prosperous young Englishman. Torn between two men and two very different paths, Gwen has little time to determine what course her heart will follow. With time running out for her beautiful valley, will love come too late?

My Review:

I quickly became engrossed in young Gwen's story, there was a pull in this book that I couldn't ignore. Her brother going off to sail the seas and his best friend left to watch out for her. I could picture in my mind the small town of Llanwddyn and tight knit community that watched out for each other. I could envision the damn that was being constructed and the mountain where Gwen would go to sketch and seek solace. I felt for Gwen who lived with an Aunt who had a hard time showing her love when her only brother had left to answer the call of the seas. It is difficult for me to explain it but this story just pulled me in and didn't let me go until I was done. From the freezing winter to the damn construction, every part of this book painted a vivid picture in my mind and every character left an impression in my heart. An emotional journey that I felt along with Gwen, One Last Spring is a book I will not soon forget!

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