Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lord Apollo and the Colleen by S.G. Rogers, Book Review

Book Summary:

 Five years after his supposed death, Theo King has returned to Graceling Hall...but a mystery remains. A stranger is buried in his grave, and nobody knows if his death was accidental…or murder. As Theo resumes his former life, the dead man’s sister shows up on his doorstep to hold him accountable. If he helps this Irish spitfire solve the mystery, will she finally leave him in peace?

My Review:

Lord Apollo and the Colleen by SG Rogers

This book is the companion novel to the book Larken. I truly enjoyed learning more about Theo and his friends Rowe and Clarissa. Learning Theo's backstory was intriguing and tied everything in the story together!  We got to meet a new character Megan, and man was she fiery and stubborn! I loved her attitude, her spunk and her accent! The kindness of the King family, the bonds of friendship that they shared, it made me want to be a part of their circle! I appreciated the perspective of six year old Myles and seeing behind the scenes so to speak! A great read that any regency fan will love, I highly recommend Lord Apollo and the Colleen!
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