Friday, February 26, 2016

Now and Always Yours by Anita Stansfield, Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Book Summary:

Greg's feet suddenly became very heavy and his head very light as he stood and watched the opening of the bars that had kept him separated from the world .... If not for the knowledge that his sister would be waiting outside to take him home—and that he had two children at home waiting for him—he might have preferred to turn around and ask to stay.

And so begins a new chapter in Greg's life, which includes the daunting tasks of earning the trust and respect of his teen-aged children, finding meaningful employment in a society that doesn't always take kindly to who have "served time," and daring to believe in love, with its miracles of healing and forgiveness. And Greg has no illusions about conquering these hurdles. However, with the support of a devoted sister and her extended family and the unexpected gift of a uniquely charming and brave woman's love ... it all just might happen.

In this utterly captivating novel, bestselling author Anita Stansfield achieves a satisfying balance of romance, humor, and deep glances into the human heart and soul. It is a story that resonates with emotional truths that will linger long after the last page is turned.

My Review:

Now and Always Yours has connections to the book, Legally and Lawfully Yours, many of the characters are the same, but you do not have to read the first book to understand this second book. Stansfield focuses this story on Greg, (brother to Shannon and father to Jeanie and Neal) who has been serving jail time for something he cannot even remember clearly enough to know what did or did not take place. It focuses on him trying to rebuild a normal life and show people that he is more then just an ex-convict. While I am a long time fan of Stansfield's work, this story fell slightly flat for me.  I felt there was more "telling" than "showing" going on in the story, so it lost me a bit along the way. Overall, it is a nice clean romance and the message of redemption and healing will resonate with many a reader.

Happy Reading!!!

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