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New Release!!! A Hoyden and an Heiress by Kristin Vayden & Giveaway!

Roberta Lamont had one chance…
London was dull.
All the adventurous romances were snatched up by her sisters.
And she was quite certain she was going to die alone if this didn’t work out.

But as fate would have it, she was stuck with the most tedious and irritatingly silent spy in all of London.
Mr. Henry Willox may be handsome.
He may have a steely gaze that saw right through her.
But he was utterly determined that she was going to have even less of an adventure at GreenFord Waters, than in London.
Pity that.
She’d just have to change his mind.
And in the process, she might succeed at changing his heart as well.

What Mr. Henry Willox expected was a simpering, biddable debutante.
What he experienced, however, was the whirlwind that was Miss Roberta Lamont. 
Hoyden, heiress and general menace to society.
Not to mention, his heart.
It shouldn’t have surprised him when she held him at knife-point.
After all, her two brothers-in-law were notorious spies.
Yet at every turn she consistently shocked him, accosted him, or drove him mad with that alluring and innocent grin.
But there’s someone leaking information to the French, and he is charged with finding out whom. 
And if he thought it was difficult before with only Miss Lamont to contend with, when Lady Southridge shows up, he’s utterly out numbered.
And he finds he rather likes the odds stacked against him.
He’s never backed down from a challenge.
Because what Miss Lamont doesn’t quite understand, is that she’s met her match.
In more ways than one.

“I’m quite certain I can have approval by tonight.”
“You’re far too forthright for your own good, so I’ll not meet with you this evening. How about as you take your… morning ride?” A grin tipped his lips, and Berty felt herself smile in response, even as her irritation rose at his words.
“What do you mean I’m too forthright?”
Mr. Willox nodded to the door behind her. “You’re in a room with an unmarried gentleman with the door closed. Quite compromising, Miss Lamont.
“I’m quite certain I’m more than safe.” She sighed, beleaguered.
“It’s still a considerable risk, Miss Lamont. One person peeking in, and you’re stuck with me for the rest of your life.” He shrugged.
“Rather, you’re stuck with me.” She smiled sweetly in return. “But that wasn’t the danger I was referring to. I’m quite aware of the social conventions. I’m referring to the fact that of all men I’ve been acquainted with, you’re the least likely to be forward or act in a manor that’s even minimally flirtatious.”
“Is that so?” Mr. Willox crossed his arms, his grin melting into more of a daring expression.
“Yes,” Berty replied directly, not concerned in the slightest, yet in the back of her mind, she remembered Lady Southridge’s words…
And wondered.
And when he took a step forward, rather than taking a step back, she held fast.
When he tipped her chin upward, rather than jerk away, she met his gaze with a challenging one of her own.
Certainly, when he lowered his head, she should have never leaned in.
Or closed her eyes.
Or breathed in his sigh just before his lips reached hers.
But if love was adventure, certainly that meant one needed to take a few risks.
And as his lips caressed her own, she fleetingly thought that it was a worthwhile risk indeed.

 Wow, Kristin Vayden knows how to write a regency that pulls you in and doesn't let you go! I remembered Berty from What the Dukes Wants and I was very interested to see what would happen in this book! (You do not need to have read the prior books to read this story, it can be read as a standalone, I have not read all previous books in the series.) Berty is a woman who knows what she wants and when she wants it. She is full of fire and life! She is unique and looking for her true love story. The question is, will she ever find it? Enter Mr. Willox, the spy who seems nothing like her type at all. But is he? The mystery of who is leaking the secrets and the quickly developing romance between Berty and Mr. Willox made for a fast and easy read. I was sad because it all seemed too quick to me. Maybe that is just me wanting more of the story! For those who want full disclosure there is some mild language and one open door intimate scene. 

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