Friday, November 24, 2017

Love and Loss at Whitmore Manor by Anita Stansfield, Blog Tour & Giveaway

Book Summary:

For nearly three years, British Officer Tristan Whitmore fought bravely for King and Crown in America. But his loyalty came at a price, and after slowly recovering from battlefield injuries, it is finally time to return to his beloved England and his wife, Muriel. But there is to be no tender reunion at Whitmore Manor—instead, Tristan is stunned to learn of his wife’s deceit in his absence and her unexpected death. And to add to the shocking blow, this devastating news is delivered by the last woman Tristan ever hoped to see again.

Olivia Halstead lost everything after the death of her father but found refuge with her cousin Muriel while Muriel’s husband was at war. Now, with the loss of her cousin, Olivia feels she has trespassed too long on the hospitality of the family. But before she can depart, Muriel’s husband returns, and Olivia’s own thorny history with the man comes rushing in: years ago, theirs was a tender courtship—followed too soon by a bitter parting of ways.

Now two people divided by past betrayal find an unforeseen chance for reconciliation. But when Tristan and Olivia find themselves on opposite sides of a revolution, will their clashing allegiances tear them apart forever?

My Review:

I have been a longtime fan of Stansfield and her writing, I have been a reader of her for years. I was very excited to read this new regency release from her and dove in head first. I wanted so badly to love this book like I have loved her others. I have to be straight forward though, this book was hard for me to get through.  It just didn't grab me and keep me inside the story. Maybe I just had a bad story reading day, who knows? I remain a fan of Stansfield and her work, this was just not my favorite from her.

Happy Reading!!!

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