Friday, December 1, 2017

The Hunter's Son by Gregg Luke, LDS Blog Tour & Giveaway

Book Summary:

For as long as Jarem can remember, the war between the Nephites and Lamanites has raged on. But for the young Nephite, there is security in the knowledge that the ruthless Lamanite warriors would never dare cross the border into his village—until the unthinkable happens. A Lamanite raiding party defies boundaries, destroying the village and killing Jarem's family. Enslaved to his enemies, Jarem must rely on his faith in God as he endures unimaginable hardships at the hands of the Lamanites—including being cruelly separated from the woman he loves.

But even amid trials, there is goodness to be found. When Chemish, Master Healer of the Lamanites, takes ownership of Jarem, the young man discovers unexpected kindness. Jarem becomes the healer's apprentice, and soon Chemish finds his soul stirred by the Christian faith of his student. But even as the bond between the two unlikely friends grows, the hatred of the Lamanites spreads. It is no longer enough for them to own the Nephites—they want to exterminate every one of them, and even personal slaves are no longer safe. Now, Jarem's only hope of survival is a dangerous escape that will take him through the heart of Lamanite land . . .

My Review:

This book really grabbed me from the beginning, right off it was tense and suspenseful. Luke does an amazing job of grabbing the reader's attention and keeping it. It is rare that a story grabs you and just keeps you reading, but this one really does it. I felt like I was there with Jarem and Chemish. I really felt Jarem's pain and anguish, his conflicting feelings towards the man who saved him yet was still a part of the people who killed his family and destroyed his home. Any fan of Book of Mormon fiction will enjoy this book!

Happy Reading!!!

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