Sunday, December 24, 2017

Trouble in Loveland by Jennifer Peel, Book Review

Book Summary:

Charlee Jensen had what she considered the idyllic childhood growing up in a town named for that most prized emotion of all, Loveland, Colorado. At seventeen, her teenage crush, a man eight years older than her, marries and she naively thinks this is the worst thing that would ever happen to her. Then her parents divorce and her world crumbles. She finds herself being whisked away from her beloved home and estranged from her father.

Now eight years later, with two degrees that she never wanted in hand, and no job prospects, her father offers her a position with his CPA firm. With no other options available, Charlee accepts his offer and returns to the hometown she loved. While rebuilding her relationship with her father, she discovers that perhaps a romantic relationship is in the cards for her, with her old teenage crush, Ryan Carter, who just happens to still live next door and is now a partner in her father’s CPA firm.

Newly divorced and single dad, Ryan Carter, isn’t quite sure what to make of the girl next door, who’s all woman now. He finds himself having a hard time resisting this beautiful yet annoyingly charming woman, but their age difference and his complicated relationship with his ex-wife cause quite a bit of trouble for the couple. Ryan finds himself torn between keeping the peace with his ex-wife and mother of his child and his feelings for Charlee.

Can they successfully overcome their troubles in Loveland? Find out in this clean romance filled with sparks, humor, and of course, a little bit of trouble.

My Review:

Okay, let's just say that it has been a long time since a book has just stolen my complete attention and held it captive for the entire book. Trouble in Loveland did just that! I was sucked into Charlee's world and I could not escape and I didn't want to escape either! Peel has a way of writing that is real, down to earth, and resonates with the reader. Charlee could be your own neighbor or friend. Peel also does a fantastic job of writing sizzling romance with all the sparks while still keeping it clean! I was so engrossed in this story that when it was finished I was totally distraught. But then I realized there was a second book and I started reading that the same night! Yup, her story telling is that good! I cannot wait to read more from Jennifer Peel!!!

Happy Reading!!!

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