Friday, February 9, 2018

A Tangled Inheritance by Chalon Linton, Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Book Summary:

Nora Ellsworth, darling of London society, has her choice of eligible suitors, but since childhood, she has been expected to marry Jonathan Browning, a gentleman whose wealth and stability will someday secure the futures of Nora and her mother and sister. The family estate will pass to an odious male cousin upon the death of Nora’s father, and when he suddenly takes ill, her need to marry well becomes vitally important.

As Nora struggles with the idea of marrying without love, she finds herself increasingly drawn to Devlin Fausett, a man with dark eyes and intriguing conversation. But Devlin’s reputation as an indebted gambler is difficult to ignore. Despite the rumors from the ton and the marriage decision before her, Nora is determined to befriend the dashing Mr. Fausett, and his charms soon make it all but impossible to remember her duty. Until she learns the truth of her fortune. There is a way to keep her family’s estate, but the price is high: Nora must wed, as soon as possible. Torn between two very different men, she must make the ultimate decision. Will she be guided by her head or her heart?

My Review:

I love a good regency novel and this one did not disappoint! Nora was a delight and a breath of fresh air! I loved her desire to truly connect with someone and find love for her marriage. Her loyalty to her family was important as well but she really wanted to find love and fulfill her family duty. I could feel her turmoil and unsurety as she struggled with her head and her heart. Devlin on the other hand, he was a hot mess! He wanted to reform himself but man he just could not seem to stay away from his vice! I wondered if he could ever be reformed! And then there was this whole mystery element to the story from Nora's sister to her father, I wanted to know what the heck was going on? And the crazy creepy cousin, his character was brilliantly done! Seriously there was so much going on there was never a dull moment but it was never too much that I couldn't keep up! This book is definitely a keeper and I would recommend it to my friends!

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