Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Love's Treasure by Rosemary Danielis, Book Review

Book Summary:

Can the truth mend a broken heart?

Darcy McGee never wants to see his girlfriend, Treasure, again. She skipped town without a word, leaving him with a broken heart and enough pain to fill a book with his poems. Four years later, he’s a new man. He’s got a rock-hard body, a hot girlfriend, an exciting job and walls around his heart no one can get past.

Treasure Mercado had no intention of returning to Heartland Cove, not after what she did to her boyfriend, Darcy. When a run-in with mobsters sends her fleeing home, he’s the only person she can turn to. Too bad his love for her has turned into smoldering hatred while her feelings for him are strong as ever. Will the truth about why she left be enough to mend Darcy’s broken heart and convince him to help save her life?

My Review:

This book was just easy. Easy to read, easy to get into, easy to stay inside Heartland's Cove. It was also unexpected. Treasure was the most unusual main character I have read about in a long time and I enjoyed learning all aspects of her personality! She was tough as steel yet she had this fierce love and loyalty. Darcy was so confusing...just like a man! Honestly this book took me places I never saw it going and I enjoyed every second; I finished it in a day. If you want an easy-to-read, treasure hunting novel with some action too, then this is the book for you!

Happy Reading!!!

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