Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Love's Bloom by Rosemary Danielis, Book Review


Twenty-two year old, Marigold Matthews, can’t wait to return home to Heartland Cove County and get started on all the fabulous plans she’s made during her four long years at college. She’ll take over the family farm, start her own organic edible flower business, and hopefully find a way to help train her do-nothing brother, Ben, providing both of them with a job and an income. Then, she’ll finally marry Walter, her high-school sweetheart and live happily ever after in her picture-perfect paradise.

All her well-laid plans fly out the window when her father informs her he’s going on a surprise European vacation and leaving the farm in Ben’s incompetent hands. To make matters worse Walter can’t understand why she’s upset because, turns out he always thought she’d join him running his family-run hardware store after they were married, something Marigold has no desire to do.

The final straw shows up in the form of Mace Winthrop, an arrogant, competitive, top-of-the-class student Marigold clashed with back in college. Mace has taken a job with a huge farming conglomerate and shows up in Heartland Cove with a mission to snatch up independent farmlands, like hers and transform the beautiful Heartland Cove into a unicrop, moneymaking wasteland.

Marigold has her hands full teaching Ben the ropes, tending her own acres, trying to work things out with Walter and keeping her guard up against the charming and persistent powers of Mace Winthrop. Part of her wants to just run away and reinvent herself somewhere new but Heartland Cove has a hold of her heart that just won’t let go.

My Review:

This is definitely an easy to read book, which I love! I never want to have to try to get into a story or work to finish it. Love's Bloom flows organically and Marigold had more of the personality of a snapdragon at times! She was sweet yet a fireball who would not back down! I really liked the dynamic of Marigold and her brother as well. She had to save his rear end a time or two, and it was definitely true to sibling dynamics. And honestly,  I wasn't sure what to make of Mace, it took me a good portion of the book to understand him and his motives!  This small town farming romance was delightful and I enjoyed Marigold's story from start to finish!

Happy Reading!!!

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