Friday, June 22, 2018

Conviction by Robbin J. Peterson, LDS Blog Tour & Giveaway

Book Summary:

After a rocky start as a missionary in Ukraine, Elder Neal Christensen is struggling to learn the Russian language and embrace an unfamiliar life away from his small Northern California town. And in an instant, a peculiar encounter with the wrong people changes everything. Dragged from his apartment in the dead of night, Neal is taken to prison and charged with the theft of a priceless museum piece. As days turn into weeks, he is thrown into a world of uncertainty where he must rely on the only person he can trust—the Savior. And as his Russian slowly improves within the prison walls, he begins preaching the gospel in the last place he imagined proselytizing. But when civil unrest erupts in Ukraine, the now-familiar routine of imprisonment is over. Neal is trapped in the chaos, and with his life on the line, his only hope of survival is escape. Yet he learns too late that there is as much danger awaiting him outside the prison walls as within. Someone has gone to great lengths to incriminate the young missionary, and they will stop at nothing to silence him forever.

My Review:

I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to like this book, but once I got a few chapters into it, I couldn't seem to stop reading it! Neal's mission story is unlike anything I have read or heard of ever. I was along for the journey as he flew to Ukraine and went through so many ups and downs as a young 18 year old missionary. Things were so unexpected and even harsh. How could Neal continue on while he was falsely accused and then imprisoned? How could anyone remain positive at all under those circumstances?  The storytelling kept me reading and reading until there was nothing left. This book is a journey; a spiritual journey, a journey of hope, of love, of change. I would definitely recommend this book to any LDS reader!

Happy Reading!!!

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