Friday, August 24, 2018

Short Investigations by Clair Poulson, Blog Tour & Giveaway!!!

Book Summary:

In the sleepy town of Heber, a strange 911 call is made to report an unthinkable crime: someone has murdered a woman . . . and her body has been found in Rhett Ketchum’s barn. Rhett, a well-known rodeo cowboy, is placed firmly at the top of the suspect list—the only problem is, he’s innocent. As officers search tirelessly for the evidence needed to lock him up, Rhett takes matters into his own hands. 

Max and Patches Fisher are the father-daughter duo behind the unconventional PI firm Short Investigations, and they agree to undertake the task of proving Rhett’s innocence. Soon the list of suspects begins to grow, and Rhett feels a glimmer of hope—and an undeniable attraction to Patches. But when the officers on the case become targets themselves, it seems they may be the ones in need of protection. As events take a deadly turn, it’s up to Max and Patches to uncover the truth before time runs out.

My Review:

I have been a long time fan of Poulson and his suspense novels. Hands down this was one of my favorite stories that he has written. I was trying to figure out whodunnit the entire time and I still wasn't 100% sure until the very end of the book. The suspense and action were well written and that was what kept me reading until the end. I felt like some of the conversation between characters wasn't realistic to the way people converse with each other in life. What they said was fine, but the way they were saying it just came off as weird. It bothered me enough that I am writing about it, but it didn't bother me enough that I couldn't finish reading the story. It says something about Poulson's story that I continued to read even though the conversations seemed inauthentic to how people speak to each other. So if you like murder mystery and suspense, this is a great story.

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