Friday, September 28, 2018

Love Unscripted by Tiffany Odekirk, LDS Blog Tour & Giveaway!!!

Book Summary:

Evie Jennings doesn't believe in happily ever after—it's been a year since moving home to Los Angeles to gather the pieces of her broken heart after her divorce, but she is only going through the motions. That is, until a chance encounter on her college campus brings about an unexpected turn of events: Evie finds herself face-to-face with the heartthrob whose poster decorated the wall of her teenage bedroom. And he's desperate for her help.

Hollywood sensation Ridge Dashly is facing a career crisis—a bad review threatens his A-list status. Desperate to win back the favor of the media and his fans, Ridge reluctantly agrees to enroll in college, never dreaming he'll meet someone who can see past his fame to his true self.

As their paths continue to cross, Evie's seeming disinterest intrigues Ridge, and the pair form a tentative friendship that slowly grows into something more. But when confronted with the unrelenting paparazzi and the nagging shadows of their pasts, will they follow everyone else's script or fight for their own happy ending?

My Review:

I fell in love with Odekirk's storywriting in her first novel, Love on Pointe, so I was beyond excited when I was able to get an advance reading copy of her newest book, Love Unscripted! Finally I got to see Evie's story unfold after the drama and sadness of her failed marriage at the end of Love on Pointe. Evie moved away from BYU and her twin sister Emmy to UCAL, a college close to her home. Odekirk does an amazing job of bringing the reader straight into Evie's world and her maybe-friend (he couldn't possibly be anything more...ever) Ridge Dashly. The banter between the two of them was seamless and you guys, I could not stop reading this book! I pulled an all-nighter, and when you have work in the morning, you know the book was fantastic because this girl is not missing her sleep for anything less than perfection! I loved this book! There were all of the aspects of life; the good, the bad, the ugly...feeling rejected or not good enough. I loved the sense of family that she instilled into the story and the feeling, you guys, there are all the feels in this book! Any LDS romance fan will LOVE this novel. Odekirk is supremely talented and I look forward to more to come from her!

Happy Reading!!!

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