Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Magnolia Summer by Melanie Dickerson, Release Day and Review!!!

Book Summary:

From New York Times Bestselling author Melanie Dickerson comes a story of love, heroism, and secrets so dangerous they could change this sleepy Southern town forever. 

Truett’s hometown needed a doctor, so after finishing medical school, he returned to Bethel Springs. Fighting a secret war with a corrupt lawman wasn’t in his plans, but Sheriff Suggs thinks he’s above the law and can lynch anyone who crosses him. When Suggs threatens his childhood friend, Truett dons a cape and hood and rescues him—placing “the Hooded Horseman” in Sheriff Suggs’s crosshairs. 

Celia Wilcox arrives in Bethel Springs, Alabama, in June of 1880. She’s come from Nashville to help her sister care for their younger siblings. She hopes only to be on the small farm for the summer, just until her mother recovers from the shock of Celia’s father’s death. She must return to Nashville to fulfill her dream of opening her own dress shop, especially now, to provide for her family. 

The lovely Celia catches Truett’s eye, and he finds himself wanting to impress her. But she flatly refuses to flirt with him or to fall for his—if he does say so himself—considerable charm. 

Celia’s growing attraction to the young Dr. Beverly terrifies her, and even if she could marry him, which she cannot, what will happen when Sheriff Suggs discovers Truett is the Hooded Horseman? Will Celia be able to prevent the sheriff from carrying out one last lynching? 

My Review:

Celia and Truett's story was a breath of fresh southern air! I enjoyed reading a story set in the south and not just reading about the history and the problems, but feeling them and experiencing them along with the characters. Dickerson tells a beautiful story of love, loss, and injustice. Trueuett felt like a Robin Hood, protecting those who could not protect themselves from the horrid and bigoted sheriff. Celia is a beautiful and refined young woman who finds herself thrust into a life she in no way wants for herself. She wants nothing to do with the farm her family lives on, nor the town it resides in. The beautiful part of this story is experiencing the journey along with Celia and Truett. Experiencing the joy, the pain, the fear, the anger, the hurt...there were so many emotions jam packed into this story! It makes you feel...there were times when I thought I might cry. I was  amazed at the realistic and historical details Dickerson seamlessly wove into her story. Magnolia Summer is a wonderful and unique love story you don't want to miss!

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Happy Reading!!!

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