Friday, October 12, 2018

The Lady of Astoria Abbey by Anita Stansfield, Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Book Summary:

Bess leads a quiet life, intent on easing the burdens of her widowed father. She acts as maid, cook, and assistant in his medical practice—but she is wearied by the thankless work and her father’s lack of kindness. And then a miracle happens. Lady Agatha Buxton of Astoria Abbey is seeking a physician for her ailing son, Hugh, and, sensing that Bess is trapped in her situation, offers the young woman a position as nurse. Despite Bess’s father’s objections, she accepts—and her life is forever changed. Bess and Hugh enjoy an immediate bond of friendship, which quickly blossoms into love. Despite his dire prognosis, the couple makes the bittersweet decision to wed, embracing what little time they have. Their tender union ushers in a season of both joy and heartbreak, and Bess discovers greater meaning in life than she’d ever imagined. As she’s confronted with the sorrow of living without Hugh, Bess finds herself at a crossroads—will she have the courage to trust her heart and allow herself to love again?

My Review:

Stansfield seems to have a gift for writing emotionally charged stories! Bess has been so suppressed and overworked since her mother died, she seems to be dying inside. Her father doesn't appreciate her and it seems as though he doesn't even love her. 

Then enters the story the Lady of Astoria Abbey and she is so caring, compassionate, and kind. Just what Bess needs since her mother passed away. She sees a need in Bess and offers her a job to care for her dying son Hugh.

Emotionally beautiful, Bess and Hugh's story will bring on the tears and with it pain and joy. 

Happy Reading!!!

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