Friday, January 11, 2019

Saving Susannah Jones by Carolyn Twede Frank, Book Review & Giveaway!

Book Summary:
In the still of a cool Colorado evening, the Circle J Ranch house burns to the ground, leaving Susannah Jones and her two brothers orphaned and homeless. Embittered by the tragedy, Susannah’s older brother grows increasingly cruel, leading Susannah to make the difficult choice to leave the last of her family behind to forge a new life for herself. It is the kindness of Dr. Kate, the woman physician in town, as well as a chance meeting with a rugged homesteader that give Susannah the strength she needs to escape.
When Joseph Iverson encounters the harassed young woman on his land one day, he has no thought but to provide the assistance she so clearly needs. Overcoming his shyness, he takes Susannah under his wing and agrees to a marriage of convenience to liberate her from her brother. As the pair works side by side, their mutual admiration deepens. But their happy existence is threatened all too soon by a series of “accidents” on the farm. With danger looming ever closer, Susannah and Joseph must discover who is bent on their destruction before the life and marriage they’ve built together goes up in flames.

My Review:
I liked this book so much because Susannah was not just stronger than she thought, but willing to allow help when she needed it. Help from the doctor, help from her little brother, and most of all, help from a complete stranger, Joseph Iverson. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that this book tied into a previous one I had read by Frank, so I enjoyed making those connections, but this book is fine as a stand alone as well. This book really resonated with me on an emotional level. Susannah felt all alone and like nothing could ever work out for her. Yet she persevered and amid challenges, she still remained positive. I thoroughly enjoyed this western romance novel with a touch of mystery!

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