Thursday, January 9, 2020

Mostly Perfect (The Women of Ambrose Estate) by Heather B. Moore, Book Review

Book Summary:

Generations of secrets. An ancient curse. Love has never been an option.

Lauren Ambrose has made a life for herself as a fledging artist, far from the ancient secrets and cobwebbed past of her family’s historic estate in Texas. Generations of the Ambrose women have suffered at the hands of a curse, and the last place Lauren wants to spend time is at the Ambrose Estate, among the tragedies of the past. But when her grandmother, matriarch of the Ambrose fortune, requires Lauren to attend an urgent business meeting, she reluctantly travels home.

Nick Matthews is ready for a battle. Lillian Ambrose, co-founder of Ambrose Oil, has agreed to hear his investment idea, but no one has ever successfully partnered with the business tycoon. When he arrives at Ambrose Estate, prepared with weeks of research, the last person he expects to meet is Lauren, a dynamic and captivating woman with a past full of secrets. As Nick gets to know Lauren, he discovers she is mostly perfect for him, except for one, major drawback . . . The curse that has the power to destroy everything between them.

The Women of Ambrose Estate series:
Mostly Dangerous
Mostly Perfect
Mostly Perilous
Mostly Risky

My Review:

This series is amazing for a number of reasons! The first one is that you can read each book as a stand alone. Having read them all is nice to tie things together, but it is absolutely not necessary. The Ambrose curse has been hard at work for years and no men tied to an Ambrose girl has lived to tell about it. So Lauren shies away from the one man who shows he cares, but does he? Is he interested in her for her family's money and business or does he actually care for her? And if he does, how can she actually be with Nick because the curse will kill him; it is only a matter of time. The world building is fantastic and I was completely swept away into the Ambrose world! If you love a book with substance that is easy to read and will have the pages flying, then this is definitely the book for you!

Happy Reading!!!

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