Monday, March 9, 2020

Best Friends With a Royal Billionaire: A Royal Prince Society Romance by Sophia Summers, Book Review

Book Summary:

Being the Prince's best friend had its perks. Being his Gardener did not.

Prince Arlo just wants to date and marry Amara, but she pushes him away every time he tries. She knows what the press would say. She's already seen what his parents think about the match.

They agree to spend a month of the summer together at the annual prince's yacht party, anchored on a sand bar in the Mediterranean but everything becomes that much more complicated when a family of royals show up, with the daughter Arlo is expected to date. But everything comes to a stand still when the hurricane of the decade slams into Arlo and Amara's home country.

Will Arlo's parents finally see that Amara is the perfect queen for their country? Will Amara herself accept that fact?

Read this third book of friendship, loyalty and service as two best friends find their way into love.

Get to know more of the men in the royal prince society, the perks of the wealthy, their games as royals, and their adventures on the Mediterranean.

My Review:

I love books with royals, there is just something the little girl in me loves about them. Summers did a great job writing a romance that stayed clean yet had the sparks flying off the pages between Prince Arlo and Amara!  I loved the giving, kind, and sweet nature of Amara and the steady and loving personality of Arlo. They just seemed to belong together! This is a quick and easy read which is my favorite! An entire story that I just swallowed up whole and I would love to read another! I cannot wait to see what is next in the Royal Prince Society!

Happy Reading!!!

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