Monday, March 16, 2020

Royal Heir by Traci Hunter Abramson, Blog Tour & Giveaway!!!

Book Summary:

Within a fairy-tale palace overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean, Princess Cassandra of Sereno leads a charmed life—until that life is nearly cut short in an assassination attempt. Desperate to protect his daughter, the king sends the princess to safety in the one place he trusts: the neighboring country of Meridia. There, Cassie’s life is placed in the hands of a man who possesses the skills to protect her. CIA agent Levi Marin has years of experience pretending to be someone he’s not, but posing as the boyfriend of a real-life princess is new, even to him.
With the CIA and Interpol hot on the trail of the assassin, Levi and Cassie do their best to blend in in Meridia and to remain professional amid their charade. Yet despite their best efforts, the charade begins to feel all too real. Their chemistry is undeniable, but forgetting the dangerous reality of their situation could prove a deadly mistake. Cassie’s would-be killer is still at large, and her search for answers is leading her ever closer to a shocking revelation that will rock the monarchy of Sereno to its core.

My Review:

Everything I have come to know and love about Abramson's books is in Royal Heir and then some! Royal Heir steps it up to the next level with the romance and the complete mystery as to who was trying to kill Princess Cassandra and why they would want to. The chemistry between Cassie and Levi could be felt through the pages! Levi was completely handsome, brave, and protective. He was the one you would want to have protecting you if someone was out to kill you! The mystery was the best part of the entire story, if you think you know who it is, guess again...and again. Abramson doesn't make it easy and kept me wondering until all was revealed. I loved Cassie and Levi's story, and look forward to the next book Abramson writes; it cannot be soon enough!

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