Thursday, April 23, 2020

Steal My Heart (A Prosperity Ranch Novel) by Heather B. Moore, Book Review

Book Summary:

She’s ready to leave Prosper behind, forever. So why did she have to meet him, of all times, and at all places? That was never the plan.

USA Today bestselling author Heather B. Moore welcomes you to Prosperity Ranch!

Disaster seems to follow Evie Prosper’s dating life everywhere. A fresh start can only mean leaving Prosper forever, which is what she’s determined to do, until she meets Carson Hunt. He unknowingly saves her from another dating disaster, yet their paths keep crossing. Carson is relocating to Prosper of all places, and if Evie could change that one thing about him, she might rethink their connection.

My Review:

I love how Moore has taken us back to the small town of Prosper and the Prosper family. I loved Holt's story in One Summer Day and now Evie gets her turn. (You can read this as a stand alone if you want) Moore makes Evie's story easy to read and relate to, a young woman on her own, but still unsure of herself and wanting to please her family. Carson is a dream man and such a gentleman! It was endearing how he called Evie "sweetness" and treated her like a queen.  There are backgrounds to both Evie and Carson that we got to unfold piece by piece and I felt like I was there along with them as they learned about each other. I truly love the Prosper family and all of their love for each other, personalities and flaws. I look forward to more to come from Moore and hope that Knox, Lane, and Cara get their own stories too!

Happy Reading!!!

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