Monday, June 8, 2020

A Change of Fortune by Traci Hunter Abramson, Blog Tour & Giveaway

Book Summary:

Law student Brooke Sherman leads an enviable life, with an impressive education, a prestigious internship, and an ambitious boyfriend who any girl on campus would love to date. But one phone call shatters everything: her father, the optimistic man who insists on buying lottery tickets and dreaming big, has terminal cancer. Desperate to get home and predictably unable to rely on her boyfriend, Brooke finds an unlikely hero in the form of her classmate.

Jason Ramsey has had a crush on his study partner Brooke for months, but he’d never encroach on someone else’s girlfriend—even if the guy doesn’t treat her the way she deserves. But when he learns of Brooke’s father’s diagnosis, Jason steps up to help however he can. In the weeks and months following, Jason is Brooke’s rock, and after Brooke’s breakup, Jason becomes much more than just a friend. But even as they plan for a future together, things get complicated: Brooke’s father had a dying wish, that his daughter buy one last lottery ticket. She never dreamed that fulfilling that wish would jeopardize a future with the man she loves.

My Review:

No matter what genre Abramson writes, it is undoubtably a page turner that I cannot put down! She has an uncanny ability to write a story that is not only interesting, but pulls you in so completely that you have to finish reading it, no matter the time of day or night. Right from the beginning I felt a connection to Brooke and a severe dislike for her haughty and uncaring boyfriend. Man that guy was such an insensitive jerk! But Jason was there, a steady and constant support and doesn't every girl want a man like that? The emotional upheaval of her dad's unexpected cancer was heartrending and the powerful ties between father and daughter hit me right in the heartstrings. If you want to read an emotionally powerful story of friendship, love, family, and good fortune, this is the perfect book for you!

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