Wednesday, June 10, 2020

An Earl for Edith by Tammi Lee Bird, Book Review

Book Summary:

Edith Wilson is twenty-two years old, has never had a London Season, and suspects she never will. Limited finances mean Edith is left ignored while her beautiful younger sisters receive every opportunity. Longing for her mother’s approval, Edith agrees to trap an earl against her better judgment, hoping for a chance at the loving marriage she’s always desired. Yet once she meets the handsome earl, she doesn’t have the heart to ruin his happily ever after. 

Miles is extremely wealthy, titled, and single with no intention of ever falling in love again. His first wife taught him how horrible a one-sided marriage could be. When a young woman appears at his hunting lodge set on ensnaring him, he will do anything to keep her away, including lying and betting with a disreputable rogue. But when she walks away from a chance to force him to propose, he regrets his actions. Will he be able to right his wrongs before Edith falls prey to the rake he set on her path?

My Review:

The cover of An Earl for Edith is beautiful and I could not wait to dive into this story! Edith is almost on the shelf and her mother will stop at nothing to try to ensnare an earl for Edith to marry. Edith wants to please her mother so much that she goes along with her crazy scheme even though she doesn't want any part of it. Once she meets him, she doesn't want trap him into marriage, she wants someone to marry her because they love her, not because they are forced to marry her. I have to hand it to Edith, she was determined to do things her own way despite her mother's constant meddling! There were some parts of the story that the dialogue did not naturally flow and it felt off for the conversation. While I enjoyed the story overall, I felt like it needed a little bit of fine tuning so it felt more natural and easy. This is a nice regency read and I am hoping Bird will write George's story next!

Happy Reading!!!

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