Monday, December 21, 2009

By Love Or By Sea

My sister-in-law lent me some books and I had time to read one last night. It is called "By Love Or By Sea" by Rachel Rager. It is about a young woman named Alice. When she was a young girl she fell in love with a boy and then later he was lost and sea and everyone presumed he had died. Fast forward to the present where she is dating a young man named Clarence Hielott who intends to marry Alice. Then a young sailor walks into town one day and is hauntingly familiar to Alice. He remind her of the young boy Caleb, she was once in love with. She later learns that he is indeed the young boy she once loved. Now Alice finds herself falling for him again and must choose which path her life will take.
I absolutely loved this book!!! I couldn't put it down! I stayed up until I finished it. It keeps you guessing as to what will happen next and if Alice will end up with the true love of her heart. Rachel Rager weaves a tale of love, heartache, and understanding in this book about finding out what true love really is. This is a must read for any hopeless romantic!