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ReAwakened by Ada Adams, Book Review and Giveaway!

ReAwakened by Ada Adams (Angel Creek #2)
Publication Date: November 27th, 2012

Book Description:

Becoming a vampire guardian was Dawn Fairchild’s ticket out of the Scarlet House. Fresh off a successful mission, life in Angel Creek should have been great. But when her sort-of-maybe-boyfriend, Sebastian, disappears on a quest to help a beautiful vampire from his past, Dawn finds herself amidst a web of danger, lies, and deceit.

Joining forces with Razor, an enigmatic rebel lacking both a verbal and a physical filter, and her band of Misfits—Brooke, Sophie, Hunter, and Seth—Dawn is thrust into a race against the clock to solve the mystery surrounding brutal Born kidnappings and come to terms with the sudden discovery of her own unique powers. With time ticking away and Born vampires’ lives in jeopardy, it quickly becomes evident that someone—or something—desperately wants Dawn and is willing to shed any amount of blood to get her.

Dawn has only one chance to face her demons and overcome all obstacles standing in her way as she embarks on the biggest mission of her life—one that threatens a deadly outcome for all involved.

My Review:

ReAwakened is the second book in the Angel Creek Series by Ada Adams.  I have to say, this book ROCKED!!!   I love how Ms. Adams draws you into the story slowly and then WHAM!!!  The action and adventure just take off at an amazing speed!  Dawn is back and as usual, is out to save the world!  Sebastian is back and ooohh, we get to see so much more of who he is!  The sparks between the two are amazing and you can feel them!  What can I say about Razor?  How about that I love him!  He is funny, charming and witty! The book would be incomplete without him!  I had to stay up late to read this one folks, because the action gets intense and you won't want to put it down!  There are twists and wow are they shocking!!!  That is all that I will say, you have to read it to find out what they are!  ReAwakened is even better than ReVamped and that is saying alot since ReVamped was wonderful!  But ReAwakened has so much more to it!!!!  Don't miss this one, hurry over to your favorite retailer online or otherwise and pick up this book!!!  And if you haven't read ReVamped then pick up them both!  You won't be sorry!  FIVE STARS!!!

More About the Author:

“Many people sing in the shower. I write scenes in my head and act them out.”
At the age of five, Ada read her first chapter book—Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. Ever since that moment, she developed an intense passion for stories and characters found within the pages of literature.
In her career as an actress and a writer, Ada currently spends most of her days immersed in imaginary worlds. Much like the characters she enjoys playing and writing about, Ada is a martial artist with a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. She is also a big proponent of lifelong learning, and has attained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (it aids in creating characters with unique quirks!) as well as a Master’s of Science in Education.
Ada strives to bring a fresh voice and perspective to fiction. She has been writing creatively for many years, and is an editor of a global fashion/literary magazine called VEUX. ReVamped is her debut novel.
She lives in Toronto, Canada, and enjoys adventurous nature hikes with her adorable puppies Cara and Oreo.
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All Fall Down by Julie Colter Bellon, Book Review and Giveaway!!!

About the Book
Author: Julie Coulter Bellon
Release Date: September 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Book Description:
Ring around the rosy, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes we all fall down . . . That simple rhyme turns negotiator Claire Michaels’ current hostage situation into an international incident. Claire just wants to help get everyone out safely, but as the crisis escalates she realizes she’s dealing with an al-Qaeda operative who has the means to become another bin Laden---with the potential to attack America.
Claire has her own personal reasons for wanting to stop al-Qaeda, but time is slipping away as negotiations break down. Can she overcome her scars of the past in order to get the hostage out alive and possibly stop an assault on U.S. national security? Navy SEAL Rafe Kelly is on leave to recover from a knee injury he suffered during his tour in Afghanistan and he doesn’t expect to be fighting terrorists on his home turf. But when he is taken hostage and his brother is kidnapped, Rafe teams up with a hostage negotiator in order to stay alive and get his brother back. The terrorist is always one step ahead of them, however, and the situation quickly turns from desperate to deadly. Will Rafe be able to save himself and his country without anyone he loves getting caught in the crossfire?
My Review:
I am new reader to author Julie Coulter Bellon and I have to say that if all of her books are like All Fall Down, then she has a new fan!  All Fall Down is definitely a suspense novel full of action, intrigue and a little bit of romance as well.  The characters are both extremely strong-willed or stubborn shall we say?  It was fun seeing Claire and Rafe's dynamic together when they were both so head-strong.  The book flowed well and I never felt like there was a part that was slow or failing to hold my interest.  I really enjoyed the premise of the book and the action and suspense kept me on my toes throughout!  Four stars!

Author Bio:
Julie Coulter Bellon is the author of seven international romantic suspense novels. She loves her work partly because she gets to travel to distant lands to research and add an authentic feel to all of her books. Her favorite cities so far are Athens, Paris, Ottawa, and London. She taught journalism at BYU for fourteen years and that kept her on the cutting edge of current events and world news---which is where she gets her story ideas. Julie offers writing and publishing tips as well as her take on life on her blog
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You can pick up your own copy of All Fall Down via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Giveaway Alert!!!

Julie is generously offering 7, yes 7 awesome giveaways for the tour!!  That means you have 7 chances at winning! (Pretty good odds, huh?!)
The prizes include:
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George, Book Review

Blurb from the book:

When Petunia, the youngest of King Gregor's twelve dancing daughters, is invited to visit an elderly friend in the neighboring country of Westfalin, she welcomes the change of scenery. But in order to reach Westfalin, Petunia must pass through a forest where strange two-legged wolves are rumored to exist. Wolves intent on redistributing the wealth of the noble citizens who have entered their territory. But the bandit-wolves prove more rakishly handsome than truly dangerous, and it's not until Petunia reaches her destination that she realizes the kindly grandmother she has been summoned to visit is really an enemy bent on restoring an age-old curse. The stories of Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood get a twist as Petunia and her many sisters take on bandits, grannies, and the new King Under Stone to end their family curse once and for all.

My Review:

I love the twelve dancing princesses story!  It is one of my very favorite fairy tales!  I have read many different versions, yet I keep coming back to Jessica Day George's retelling.  She begins with her first in the series, Princess of the Midnight Ball, followed by the second in the series, Princess of Glass.  Each story gives a unique perspective to the magic and curse surrounding the twelve princesses.  The third and final book in the series, Princess of the Silver Woods, did not disappoint!  It incorporated even more fairy tales into the story, like Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood.  The book was fast-paced and all of my favorite characters were there!  Some new characters were introduced, some likeable and some that were not.  I felt myself trying to figure out who was really good and was putting on a facade!  In this final installment of the Princess series, Princess of the Silver Woods will have you on your toes as you take the adventure of a life-time!  Bravo, five stars to Jessica Day George!  I love her work and can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!

You can pick up Princess of the Silver Woods for pre-order via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
This book will be released December 11, 2012.

Happy Reading!!!

Source:  Netgalley; publisher for review

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Eternal Hope by Frankie Rose, Book Review

Blurb from the book:

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me

When your friends go missing and you don’t know if they’re dead or alive; when you tie your soul to the one you love; when you kill to protect and your family suffers, there’s only one thing you can do:

Move to Montana.

Farley Hope is special. She was prophesied to kill the forebears of her bloodline- a race of cold-blooded Reavers, men who steal the souls of the living to gain power. The Quorum had counted on Farley ending her own life in the process, but when Kayden came to her aid and helped save both her and Daniel, he undid their plans. Now the Quorum are displeased, not only with Kayden, but with Farley and Daniel too. Though her father is now dead, Farley’s troubles with the Reavers are far from over. An ancient Immortal, trapped for a thousand years, wants Farley for himself, and he will stop at nothing to claim her.

With secrets that lead to anger and pain, that turn friendship to dust, the group must overcome the problems within their own circle before they have a hope of fighting off the powers that threaten their lives.

My Review:

Eternal Hope is the second book in The Hope Series by Frankie Rose.  So if you haven't read Sovereign Hope then you want to read that first.  Eternal Hope started out slow for me, but once I got about a third of the way through the book, the pace picked up and  I didn't want to put it down!  I felt like I really got to know Daniel better in this book, whereas in Sovereign Hope he is more of mystery.  Farley and Daniel's relationship grows and it is nice to see it develop.  I loved the fast-pace towards the end and some total surprises that I didn't see coming!  Eternal Hope will take you on a wild ride and leave you in a place you didn't expect!  I was sad for the cliff-hanger, I want all of my questions answered now!  I look forward to book three and hope it comes out soon!  Four stars! (This book contains mild cussing)

You can pick up Eternal Hope via Amazon.

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free and this is my honest review.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dreamspell by Tamara Leigh is FREE on Amazon!!!

This book is AMAZING!!!  And it just happens to be FREE right now over on Amazon!  Hurry over and pick up your copy, it is free until November 24th!!!  I have read and reviewed this book and trust me when I say that it is one you will not want to put down!!!  This is one you will be THANKFUL that you picked up!  I hope all of you have a happy day and enjoy your new book!!!

 Here is the blurb:


Sleep disorders specialist Kennedy Plain has been diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. When her research subject dies after trying to convince her he has achieved dream-induced time travel and her study is shelved, she enlists herself as a subject to complete her research. But when she dreams herself into 14th-century England and falls into the hands of Fulke Wynland, a man history has condemned as a murderer, she must not only stay alive long enough to find a way to return to her own time, but prevent Fulke from murdering his young nephews. And yet, the more time she spends with the medieval warrior, the more difficult it is to believe he is capable of committing the heinous crime for which he has been reviled for 600 years.

Baron Fulke Wynland has been granted guardianship of his brother’s heirs despite suspicions that he seeks to steal their inheritance. When the king sends a mysterious woman to care for the boys, Fulke is surprised by the lady's hostility toward him--and more surprised to learn she is to be his wife. But when his nephews are abducted, the two must overcome their mutual dislike to discover the boys' fate. What Fulke never expects is to feel for this woman whose peculiar speech, behavior, and talk of dream travel could see her burned as a witch.

 Happy Reading!!!

This book was free at the time of posting.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Love At First Date by Susan Hatler, Book Review

Blurb from the book:

Ellen’s figured out that finding the right guy is all about compatibility. That’s why she’s signed up for Detailed Dating—the local online dating scene in Sacramento. Learning men’s preferences up front, plus a few weeks of email correspondence, has resulted in two candidates she’s excited to meet in person.

When Ellen’s best friend asks her to baby-sit her beloved pooch, dog-sitting leads to disaster and Ellen ends up at the local vet where she meets a man she can’t stop thinking about. Henry isn’t a logical choice, but Ellen suddenly finds herself signing up for a week-long doggy class to spend more time with him.

Now, Ellen has a choice: Go with one of the logical choices or let herself fall for the one man her heart seems to want.

My Review:

Susan Hatler has a knack for writing books that draw me in from the very first page!  I love her writing style, it flows easily and never has me backtracking.  Love At First Date is a cute novella length story about Ellen who thinks she has everything figured out when it comes to dating and compatibility!  She soon realizes that you can't plan love and it happens when and where it will.  Who will she choose?  Her match that is compatible on paper, or the one that makes her heart skip a beat?  Find a few hours and get cozy, Love At First Date is a fun read that you won't want to put down!  It is funny and romantic as well!  (Ellen loves shoes; who doesn't love shoes?!  I could relate to her just through her love of shoes alone!)  Four stars! 

You can pick up Love At First Date via Amazon.

Happy Reading!!!

I received a copy of this book for free and this is my honest review.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Flirtatious Rendezvous (Gentleman Next Door, #4) by Cecilia Gray, Book Review

Blurb from the novella:

Miss Hanna Morton is:
1. an affectionately dutiful daughter,
2. a hopeless romantic, and
3. desperately in love with one Mr. Hayden Banks despite good sense advising her to the contrary.

Mr. Hayden Banks is
1. a reluctantly dutiful son,
2. an ingenious mathematician, and
3. incredibly wary of one Miss Hanna Morton when his matchmaking mother sets them under the same roof.

Hanna is hoping for Hayden's heart, but what will become of their flirtatious rendezvous?

My Review:

At first I wasn't sure of this fourth installment in the Gentleman series.  It started off when the two main characters were only twelve years old.  Soon I realized that this was necessary to the story.  Hanna is constant in her love for Hayden and he knows it.  In turn, Hayden knows that he cannot and will not ever love Hanna in return.  However when a bet is struck between Hayden and his Mother, Hayden becomes confused and realized that not everything can be figured out mathematically.   Another fun short regency novella, Cecilia Gray has yet to disappoint this avid reader!  

You can pick up A Flirtatious Rendezvous via Amazon.

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free.  This is my honest review.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Dangerous Expectation (Gentleman Series #3) by Cecilia Gray, Book Review

Blurb from the novella:

In the cloistered English countryside, an improbable couple will defy expectation.

Miss Cassandra Drummond, shipping heiress and consummate shut-in, flees London and the hectic to-do of her sister’s upcoming nuptials. She wants a quiet summer away from everyone, especially marriage-seeking fortune hunters.

She doesn’t expect Mr. Gray Abernathy to prove dangerous to her impregnable walls.

Mr. Gray Abernathy, poor ducal relation and consummate harmless flirt, eeks by on his charming manner and his pretty face. He wants an independence where he isn’t beholden to anyone, certainly not a shipping heiress.

He doesn’t expect Miss Cassandra Drummond to prove dangerous to his impregnable heart.

Fortunately for all, love and life can often exceed expectations…

My Review:

 I love the premise of this story!  The two main characters end up in a precarious situation and find out that they have more in common that they could ever have imagined!  I loved learning more about Cassandra, the sister of Chastity from the previous book in The Gentleman Series.  The characters were unique and the story was as well!  I loved how things turned out in the end and overall enjoyed every minute of this regency novella!  Another great story by Cecilia Gray!

You can pick up A Dangerous Expectation via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free.  This is my honest review.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Release Today! Million Dollar Gift by Cheree Alsop!

Blurb from the book:
When Chase risked his life to save a brother and sister just before Christmas, his life becomes entwined with theirs more intricately than he could have imagined. Emotional and moving, this is a story of a young man whose troubled heart is tested by the one thing he is unprepared to face, love.
About Author Cheree Alsop:
Cheree Alsop is the mother of a beautiful, talented daughter and amazing twin sons who fill every day with light and laughter. She married her best friend, Michael, who changes lives each day in his Chiropractic clinic. Cheree is currently working as an independent author and mother. She enjoys reading, riding her motorcycle on warm nights, and rocking her twins while planning her next book. She is also a bass player for her husband’s garage band.
Cheree and Michael live in Utah where they rock out, enjoy the outdoors, plan great adventures, and never stop dreaming.

Social Media Links:

You can pick up Million Dollar Gift here: 
Smashwords for all ebook formats:

Happy Reading!!! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Illicit Arrangement (The Gentleman Series #2) by Cecilia Gray, Book Review

Blurb from the novella:

Lord Lucas Willoughby earned his moniker as the Matchmaking Baron after his six engagements ended with each lady happily wed - to someone else. He swears off marriage proposals, until his headstrong neighbor proposes something else entirely.

Chastity Drummond has her sights set on a man who barely sees her as a woman much less a potential wife. She can't seem to get him on bended knee, but knows an engagement to the Matchmaking Baron will turn his head.

Lucas and Chastity's charade takes on a life of its. As feigned attraction becomes real, they wonder if they might already be perfectly matched.

Their illicit engagement will inevitably end in marriage – but to whom?

My Review:

Cecilia Gray has done it again!  An amusing and romantic regency story, An Illicit Engagement is a quick and easy read!  Poor Lucas is known as the man who cannot make it to the altar, every woman leaves him for someone else!  Chastity knows that the future of her father's shipping company rests in her ability to negotiate trade routes through an older single man.   She needs Lucas to introduce her to that man. What they don't plan on is that together they might just fall in love!  This is the second book in the Gentleman Next Door series, but you do not need to have read the first book to understand this one! 

You can pick up An Illicit Engagement via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free.  This is my honest review.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Delightful Arrangement (The Gentleman Next Door #1) by Cecilia Gray, Book Review

Blurb from the novella:

Phillip has a duty to marry Francesca. He has always protected his former neighbor and childhood companion, and now that she is of marriageable age, he will give her what she needs most - a real home where she is welcome and wanted.

Unfortunately for him....she is done with being dutiful.

After years of being an obedient daughter to a hateful father, Francesca jumps into her first Season. Francesca is ready to dance every dance, flirt with every bachelor and snatch what she wants most - a man she loves who will make her swoon.

Unfortunately for her...he now sees making her swoon as his duty, too.

And Phillip takes his duties very seriously.

My Review:

I found A Delightful Arrangement to be very charming!  I love regency romance books and this one was full of romance and fun as well!  The characters were interesting and the story pulled me in right away!  Francesca and her determination to find a swoon-worthy man made for a great story!  I loved Phillip and his obvious care for Francesca!  Too bad Francesca can't see or admit to what is right in front of her!  Although this is a novella, I never once felt that I didn't know enough about the characters and their situation.  Cecilia Gray has a way of drawing you into a new world with each book that she writes!  If you don't have a lot of time and you like regency romances, then A Delightful Arrangement is the book for you!  (This book contains adult content and is considered an adult romance book)  

You can pick up A Delightful Arrangement via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Happy Reading!!!

I received a copy of this book for free.  This is my honest review.

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Free Today Only, November 3rd!

I LOVE FREE BOOKS!!!  Today, Love at First Date by Susan Hatler is FREE for kindle!  Hurry up and grab it while it is still free!  She is a great author!

You can pick up your kindle copy via Amazon.

Happy Reading!!!

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Free Today, November 1, Silver by Cheree Alsop!!!

Blurb from the book:

Silver, book one of the Silver Series, is a coming of age story about a teenage werewolf whose father is murdered. He has to come to terms with his new life, new school, and new friends while trying to prevent more killings. Attempting to make peace with the territory’s pack and falling in love with a werewolf hunter’s daughter make his new situation even more perilous.

Hurry over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to pick up your free copy!  I have read some of Cheree Alsop's book and they are wonderful, so don't miss out on this free book!

Happy Reading!!!

This book was free at the time of post.