Saturday, March 31, 2012

Intuiton (The Premonition #2) by Amy A. Bartol

About the book:

"I don’t open my eyes so I can’t see him, but I can smell him. He thickens the air I breathe, choking me with his scent…his aroma. I shiver. I have to resist. If I’m not strong, then I will be relegated to the same fate as this predator whose sickness infects me even now. But now, I crave him and he knows that; he has been counting on my need to end the gnawing pain. How he would savor my surrender. I’m alive, but how much longer will it take until I beg him not to be?"

My Review:

I loved this book and couldn't put it down, just like the first in the series. I love the chemistry between Evie and Reed and I am so glad that the author doesn't really play the whole love triangle. Evie knows Russell is her soul mate, but she knows that she cannot live without Reed. It is nice to have a story for once, that doesn't have the main character trying to figure out which man she will choose. Thanks Amy Bartol for letting Evie know who she wants.
This book will take you to places that you never imagined and scenarios you could not conceive happening. I love that I don't know what will happen next. I am simply bummed that I have to wait for the third book to come out! Please hurry, I can't wait to find out what happens next!

If you haven't read the first book, Inescapable, you can read my review of that HERE. 

You can pick up the kindle version  HERE.

You can pick up the print version HERE.

You can pick up the e-book version HERE.

Happy Reading!!!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beach Rental by Grace Greene

 About the book:

"On the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, in the small town of Emerald Isle…

Juli Cooke, hard-working and getting nowhere fast, marries a dying man, Ben Bradshaw, for a financial settlement, not expecting he will set her on a journey of hope and love. The journey brings her to Luke Winters, a local art dealer, but Luke resents the woman who married his sick friend and warns her not to hurt Ben—and he’s watching to make sure she doesn’t.

Until Ben dies and the stakes change.

Framed by the timelessness of the Atlantic Ocean and the brilliant blue of the beach sky, Juli struggles against her past, the opposition of Ben’s and Luke’s families, and even the living reminder of her marriage—to build a future with hope and perhaps to find the love of her life—if she can survive the danger from her past."

My Review:

Beach Rental by Grace Greene grabbed my attention right away! I love that Grace Greene wasted no time in beginning the story and introducing the characters. I loved Juli, Ben and yes, even Luke. Maia was so sweet and endearing! The characters were developed well and felt like real people to me. When I had to set aside my reading, I found myself thinking about the story. Why would Juli decide to take such a leap of faith with a practical stranger? Why was Ben so taken with Juli? All of these questions had me itching to pick the book back up! I did and finished it in a day!

Grace Greene weaves a story of second chances, friendship, love and faith. A wonderful inspirational love story, Beach Rental will have you crying, cheering, and smiling! It is set in the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina and is so well written that you will feel like you are right there with them! Join Juli, Ben and Luke as they find out where they should turn when things get tough. Find a cozy chair and get comfortable, because when you start Beach Rental, you won't be able to stop!

 You can pick up the kindle version HERE.

 You can pick up the print version HERE, HERE, and HERE.

 You can pick up the e-book version  HERE.

 You can pick up the nook version HERE.

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

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Interview and giveaway with author Ada Adams of ReVamped!!

I would like to thank author Ada Adams of the book ReVamped, for taking the time for this interview.  I would also like to thank her for the donation of a kindle copy of ReVamped for this giveaway!  I personally have read and LOVE this book!  You can read my review HERE.  On to the interview!

1.     How did you decide that you wanted to be an author?
Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had a passion for reading and writing. I have filled many notebooks and digital pages with various stories—some good, some not so great. When I was twelve, I actually went through a phase where I just wrote tons of book synopses. I think my reasoning was that if I started from the BACK of the book, I would eventually write the entire thing. I love exploring different personalities and stories, and tend to spend a lot of time living in pretend worlds. In order to get some peace and return to reality, I put the stories down on paper (or more often, the computer).

2.     What inspired the story of ReVamped?
I wanted to put a bit of a humorous spin on the vampire genre. The book features characters who aside from being vampires, are technically “teens/people” with real-life issues and weaknesses. It just happens that they also have problems of the “vampire variety”. :)
I have a very detailed post on the birth of the book on the “ReVamped” Blog:
“ReVamped” originally started as a TV show script, which grew into a novel when I realized that Dawn and her friends would simply not leave me alone until I told their tale. I grew to care for the characters deeply and cannot wait to develop their stories further. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

3.     Have you always liked the vampire genre?
My introduction to the vampire genre was all thanks to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. I was definitely too young to be watching such a series when it first came out, but it quickly became one of my favorite TV shows ever! I loved the blend of friendship, humor, a strong female lead and star-crossed romance. For years, I waited for my librarian to approach me and tell me that “I was the chosen one”. Sadly (and surprisingly!) that never happened…It’s still not too late, right?

4.     What made you want Dawn to be a strong female character, instead of the helpless ones so many authors use?
I believe in strong girls and women. However, even though Dawn is very strong physically, I never wanted to create a perfect, machine-like character. She has various weaknesses, which make her more “human”. She’s only known life in her father’s home, under his strict training and supervision, so once she ventures in to the “real world”, things get kind of messy. One thing that I do like about Dawn is that, even though she’s kind of a silly girl when it comes to dealing with guys, she doesn’t let them definite her entire existence.

5.     Is it a coincidence that Dawn on the cover of the book looks like you?
Yes and no. :) Dawn was originally supposed to have a lighter shade of brown hair. However, due to some last-minute model issues, I ended up having to shoot the cover myself. I worked with a wonderful photographer/graphic designer, Olga Barkhatova, and asked her to ensure that Dawn didn’t resemble me too much. I hope that people won’t immediately know that the girl on the cover is me. When I look at the book, I actually don't see myself...Which is a good thing, I hope! :)

6.     How long do you think it will be until ReAwakened will be published?
If I had my way, “ReVamped”’s sequel would be published tomorrow! Alas, there are many things that go into putting out a book that unfortunately prevent that from happening. At this point in time, I can only provide a rough date. “ReAwakened” should be out by the Summer of 2012. For a debut indie author, the support of the readers comes a long way. I’m very honored and thankful that the readers of “ReVamped” have expressed a great interest in the sequel.

7.     What is the main story (if you can tell us) for ReAwakened?
You’re actually one of the first bloggers to receive a scoop on the sequel! “ReAwakened” will take Dawn on an even more turbulent journey than “ReVamped”. We will be meeting a couple of new characters, some of which have been hinted at in “ReVamped”. One of them is quite a hottie, if I do say so myself! They’re arriving in Angel Creek to cause a lot of havoc. Dawn’s life will definitely be turned upside-down. “ReAwakened” will also have more of a romantic focus in the plot than its predecessor. The story contains many twists and turns, so a non-spoilery synopsis will be available once the book is closer to being completed.

About Ada Adams:

"Many people sing in the shower. I write scenes in my head and act them out."

At age five, Ada read her first chapter book - Pippi Longstocking. Ever since that moment, she developed an intense passion for the stories and characters found within the pages of literature.

In her career as an actress and a writer, Ada currently spends most of her days immersed in imaginary worlds. Much like the characters she enjoys playing and writing about, Ada is a martial artist with a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. She is also a big proponent of lifelong learning, and has attained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (it aids in creating characters with unique quirks!) as well as a Master's of Science in Education.

Ada strives to bring a fresh voice and perspective to fiction. She has been writing creatively for many years, and is an editor of a global fashion/literary magazine called VEUX. "ReVamped" is her debut novel.

She lives in Toronto, Canada, and enjoys adventurous nature hikes with her adorable puppies Cara and Oreo." 

For more about ReVamped and author Ada Adams, check out her website:

And now for our giveaway of  ReVamped!!!  To enter to win a free kindle copy of ReVamped, become a follower of my blog and leave a comment about ReVamped with your name and e-mail address.  Winner will be randomly selected.  Contest ends Sunday, April 1st at 9 p.m. PST.  Thank you and good luck!

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Shooting Stars by Leslie Hodgson

 About the book:

"Every Star in the Universe is a World. In the realm of the twelve Zodiac Constellations, the tyrant Gershon uses lies, deception and pain to conquer and rob people of their freedom and he wants all threats to his dominion killed.

Hidden on Earth from him are two teenagers, Stella and Isaac, who are entirely unaware they are inherent of the Zodiacs through the royal line. After some life altering events, they learn they have the ability and powers to possibly free the Zodians from Gershon, but will they accept the danger? Isaac and Stella are caught in a whirlwind of events both tragic and exciting as they travel the Universe and team with creatures from Constellations such as Pegasus and Draco and learn about their heritage."
 My Review:

Shooting Stars by Leslie Hodgson wasn't anything like I thought it would be. I was expecting some sci-fi type novel. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find what I would consider a fantasy novel. When I began reading I was immediately drawn in by the action and the characters. Stella was a very realistic teenage girl who isn't so sure of herself and needed constant reassurance. Issac was the typical teenage boy, thinking he can do anything. I enjoyed the relationship between the siblings and the bond that they shared. Added into their lives were mythical creatures like winged horses and dragons! I loved the twists and turns that came at every corner. This novel was so full of action and the unexpected that I could not set it down! Overall this book is a great read! I was sad at the ending, I felt that it ended rather abruptly. I hope that means that there is another novel in the works to wrap up all of the loose ends. If so, I will be reading it! 

You can pick up the kindle version here.

You can pick up the print version here.

You can pick up the e-book version here.
You can pick up the nook version here.
Happy Reading!!!
I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
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ReVamped on sale today, March 24th!

The Kindle version of ReVamped is on sale today for $.99!  Hurry over and pick it up while you can!  I recently read this book and I LOVED it!  To read my review go HERE .  Coming up on Monday will be an interview with author Ada Adams and a giveaway for a Kindle copy, so don't forgot to stop by!  Here is the link for ReVamped on sale today!

Happy Reading!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sourdough Creek by Caroline Fyffe

About the book:

"Nevada Territory, 1851

Sam Ridgeway is on a mission. He’s determined to find the deed to his gold claim, along with the low-down, thieving bum who stole it from his saddlebag. Arvid Angel would pay!

Cassie Angel has a plan. She and her little sister will sneak out of Broken Branch before being left alone in the dying town with the despicable Sherman brothers. Thank goodness she now has a place to flee to. On his last visit, her Uncle Arvid stashed a deed to a gold claim in her dresser drawer. Even though it means traveling to California, she’s set on trying her hand at gold panning—just like thousands of others flooding to that still-wild state. Unfortunately, before she and her sister are able to depart, Klem Sherman shows up looking for trouble. Just when Cassie thinks all is lost, a tall, good-looking cowboy appears and comes to her rescue."

My Review:

Sourdough Creek by Caroline Fyffe is my kind of book!  I love and truly enjoy a well-written sweet (clean) romance novel!  From the beginning, the book just grabbed my attention and had me intrigued!  I wanted, no I NEEDED to know why these two girls were dressing up as boys!  Every time I thought I had this story figured out, it would take a different twist or turn!  The characters were wonderful, and I enjoyed getting to know them and their strengths and weaknesses.  You will be rooting for them to let go of their insecurities and fears.   Add the adventure of mining gold and finding love and this novel will not disappoint!   A great western historical romance, Sourdough Creek is sure to win your heart over!  I am now fan and cannot wait to get my hands on another Caroline Fyffe novel!

You can pick up the kindle edition of the book here:

You can pick up the e-book version here: 

You can pick up the nook version here: 

Happy Reading!!!
I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Enchantment by Charlotte Abel

  About the book:

"Sixteen year old Channie Kerns leads an idyllic life of seclusion and magic deep in the Ozark Mountains ... until her family is forced to flee for their lives.

They leave everything and everyone behind to start over in Louisville, Colorado. Magic is forbidden while they are in hiding, but Channie can't resist the temptation to enchant a group of local boys. When her overbearing parents catch her flirting with these "sex-crazed, non-magical delinquents," they slap a chastity spell on her to protect her virtue.

The spell is triggered by lust, so just navigating the halls at her new school is an ordeal. She can't even touch a boy she's attracted to without blasting him with a jolt of magical energy that feels like a taser.

When Channie falls in love with Josh Abrim, a BMX racer with dangerous secrets of his own, she rebels against her parents and turns to dark and forbidden magic to break the chastity spell ... with disastrous results."

My Review:

The summary for this book had me intrigued and I really wanted to read it!  The cover threw me for a loop, it reminds me of E.T. with the bike in the air like that.  However, this book was a great read!  The beginning took awhile for the story to set up, but once that happened, the story took off!  I was so frustrated with Channie's parents!  I understood that they wanted to protect her from boys, because let's be honest, all boys think of only one thing.  I just felt that her parents did not think things through before they did them.  Channie herself is a great character, trying to battle between who she really is and who Chastity wants her to be.  Josh is great because he seems real to me.  His looks aren't perfect, but he has a heart of gold.  I appreciated that he cared more about Channie than he did about himself.  I would have given this book five stars but I called the twist at the end.  Since I wasn't surprised, I took off one star.  Overall Enchantment will enchant you and have you turning page after page until you've reached the end!  I WILL be reading the next one! ( This book does discuss intimacy before marriage).

You can pick up the kindle version here:

You can pick up the paperback here:

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
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Spring Cleaning Book Hop Giveaway!

 And the winner is comment #3, brandisbookmusings!  I have e-mailed the winner and shipped out the book!  Thank you everyone for your participation!

 Hi Everyone!  I am excited to be a part of this giveaway!  I would like to thank I Am A Reader, Not A Writer for hosting this giveaway hop!  So in honor of Spring Cleaning, I am giving away my copy of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  This is open to United States residents only.  Entering is easy!  Become a follower of my blog (if you already are then skip this part) and leave me a comment with your name and e-mail address.  ( If you do not become a follower or leave your e-mail address you will not be eligible.)  Good Luck!

Don't forget to "hop" to these other blogs for their giveaways!

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Free Today March 18th Only!

 About the book:

"In Fire and Ice, Nancy, a naïve but resourceful, kindhearted woman, marries her high school sweetheart. As a working wife and mother, Nancy perseveres, despite having an abusive, alcoholic husband."

Fire and Ice by Dianna BelleRose is free today, the kindle version.  I love free books! I have been wanting to read this one, so I am super excited!  Here is the link to pick it up:

Happy Reading!!!

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And The Winner Is.....

In a recent poll taken on my blog, Nook versus Kindle, the winner is...

THE KINDLE!!!  This is your preferred reading device.  Perhaps it is the device itself or the service you like through amazon.  Either way, this one is the winner!!!

Happy Reading!!!

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Shaken by Susan Hatler is Free March 17-18th!!!

I highly recommend this book by Susan Hatler!  I have read it (check out my review in February's posts) and LOVED it!!!  The kindle edition is free today, March 17th and tomorrow March 18th!  Here is the link to pick it up:

Happy Reading!!!

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Another Free Book, Today March 16th!

I am excited that I found another free kindle book!  Author Heather Huffman's Ties That Bind is free on amazon.  I don't how long it will last so pick it up while you can!

About the book:
"Kate Yager never had a father, and she never minded - until her mom died. Now, acting on the name called out on her mother's deathbed, Kate has moved to San Francisco and gotten herself hired by the man she suspects to be her dad. As if a new job, new apartment, and new parent weren't enough, Kate finds herself head-over-heels in lust with a complete stranger she met at an art show. A stranger who, she later finds out, happens to work in her office.
As her relationships with her friends and father grow stronger, Kate has to confront the decisions of her past to find out whether she can love the man who gave her up, love the man who loves her truly, and even whether she can love herself."
Here is the link:

Happy Reading!!!

Source:  Publisher/Author

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wilderness Liaison by Anne Ashby

About the book:

"The concrete jungle defines financier Shal Gregory, who thrives on the sheer vitality of the fast-paced corporate world. Until he finds himself alone in the thick of the New Zealand bush with a feisty guide who despises everything he stands for. Jodie Mathieson's devotion to the wilderness fulfills her. She isn't prepared for an intimate liaison with a man who clearly does not share her love of the great outdoors. When sparks between them ignite Jodie runs. Bewildered but determined, Shal tracks Jodie down, resolving to convince her that having differing life goals isn't enough to keep them apart."

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book!  Anne Ashby does an excellent job of developing Shal and Jodie's characters.  You knew their traits, which you could see first-hand during their tramp through the bush. The sensual tension between the two of them was well created and you could feel it.  I was so frustrated with their relationship because it was very realistic.  At times I wanted to hit Jodie over the head and tell her to get a clue and wake up!  When the characters seem like "real" people, you know the book is good!  I loved the description of the bush in New Zealand.  It was wonderful and made me want to go and see it for myself!
(This is considered a sensual book and contains descriptive sensual scenes with intimacy before marriage)

You can pick up the kindle edition here:

You can pick up the nook edition here:

You can pick up the e-book version here:

You can pick up the print version here:

And here:

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
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Giveaway Coming Soon!

I am so excited to announce that I will be a part of the Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.  I will be giving away a copy of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  The giveaway hop begins on March 20th! 

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Kincaid's Hope by Grace Greene

About the book:

"Beth Kincaid left her hot temper and unhappy childhood behind and created a life in the city free from untidy emotionalism, but even a tidy life has danger, especially when it falls apart.
In the midst of her personal disasters, Beth is called back to her hometown of Preston, a small town in southwestern Virginia, to settle her guardian’s estate. There, she runs smack into the mess she’d left behind a decade earlier: her alcoholic father, the long-ago sweetheart, Michael, and the poor opinion of almost everyone in town. As she sorts through her guardian’s possessions, Beth discovers that the woman who saved her and raised her had secrets, and the truths revealed begin to chip away at her self-imposed control.

Michael is warmly attentive and Stephen, her ex-fiancé, follows her to Preston to win her back, but it is the man she doesn’t know who could forever end Beth’s chance to build a better, truer life."
My Review:
First I have to mention that I love the cover of this book.  Beautiful and relaxing are the words that come to mind.  The book is about a woman named Beth Kincaid, and how she struggles to come to terms with her past and in turn, has to decide how that will affect her future.  Grace Greene tells a story of heartache, loss, love and forgiveness.  There is also an element of danger and suspense, which will have you glued to the book. Once the characters and town were established, the story took off and I did not want to put it down!  I think that my favorite part about this book is this one truth:  You cannot run from your past.  Beth tried to run from hers, but eventually she had to face it.   
I loved the stories within the story, excerpts from the books that Beth would read!  I found out that Grace Greene wrote these as well!  A successful author of contemporary romance, I believe that Grace Greene can be successful at historical romances if she chose!
You can pick up the kindle version here:
You can pick up the e-book version here: 

You can pick up the print version here:

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
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Also Free Today, March 12th!

Another free kindle book!!!  One of my favorites by Marcia Lynn McClure.  Here is the link to pick up the kindle version for free:

Free Book Today March 12th!

Hurry over to get the free kindle version of Kiss In The Dark by Marcia Lynn McClure.  If you are a hopeless romantic at heart, this book is for you!  I own this one and it is sure to please any romantic!    Here is the link to pick it up:

Happy Reading!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Companion of Lady Holmeshire by Debra Brown

 About the book:

"A baby girl was found in a basket on Squire Carrington's doorstep. She was raised and sent to work as a servant girl for The Countess of Holmeshire. The widowed and unconventional Countess chose Miss Emma Carrington as a companion and sent her off for finishing with the goal of dragging her along into genteel Victorian society. What sort of reception would she have at tea and dinners? The young Earl of Holmeshire was engaged by arrangement to a lovely London lady, but their relationship was difficult. Could they work it out? Even the tribulations and banned romances of the servants downstairs play into the story as we follow Emma from a stone fortress to a Victorian village and then into fabulous London mansions. Great surprises unfold at a Midsummer Night's Dream Ball which help to solve mysteries that have gradually developed. You are invited to predict the great revelation of the last few pages!"

My Review:

I love a great historical romance story and Debra Brown does not disappoint!  Miss Emma Carrington is raised from the station of a servant to become the companion to the Countess of Holmeshire.  When they travel to London, the Countess insists that Emma accompany her to various dinner invitations , which is unheard of in Victorian society.  Emma faces all of these challenges with grace and dignity.  She soon has an admirer, yet the Countess discourages this relationship.  Is this because she wants Emma to always remain her companion, or is there another reason?  This book has some AMAZING surprises, twists and turns that you probably won't see coming!  Overall, four stars out of five!  (Because I felt that it was a bit lengthy in the middle of the book.)  I look forward to more novels in the future by Debra Brown!

You can pick the book up here:

And here:

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
Source:  Author/Publisher

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Kindle or Nook?

The question has been posed many times.  Which e-reader is better, the Kindle or the Nook?  Now is your chance to have your say!  Find the poll on the right on my blog and vote for either the Kindle or the Nook!  The poll will close in one week and we will have a winner!  

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You Know I Love Free Books....

So I am very excited to post this free book by author Rachel Rossano.  This week is Read An Ebook Sale at Smashwords.  Rachel Rossano's book, Exchange is free!  Click on this link and enter the code RE100.  Also her books Mercenary's Marriage and The Crown of Anavrea are 50% off!  Enter code REW50 at checkout for those two.
Here is the link for Exchange:

Here is the link for Mercenary's Marriage:

And this is the link for The Crown of Anavrea:

I hope you all enjoy and happy reading!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson

 About the book:

An unthinkable danger. An unexpected choice.Annabel, once the daughter of a wealthy merchant, is trapped in indentured servitude to Lord Ranulf, a recluse who is rumored to be both terrifying and beastly. Her circumstances are made even worse by the proximity of Lord Ranulf's bailiff---a revolting man who has made unwelcome advances on Annabel in the past.Believing that life in a nunnery is the best way to escape the escalation of the bailiff's vile behavior and to preserve the faith that sustains her, Annabel is surprised to discover a sense of security and joy in her encounters with Lord Ranulf. As Annabel struggles to confront her feelings, she is involved in a situation that could place Ranulf in grave danger. Ranulf's future, and possibly his heart, may rest in her hands, and Annabel must decide whether to follow the plans she has cherished or the calling God has placed on her heart.

My Review:

Set in the 1300s in England, this re-telling of Beauty and the Beast will capture your attention and your heart.  Annabel is the main character, forced to be an indentured servant to Lord le Wyse or marry the foul Baliff Tom, a friend of her father's, who instills fear in her.  She chooses to be a servant to the Lord, even though others have claimed he is accursed and a beast. Lord Ranulf le Wyse is the other main character, scarred from an accident when he was a teenager.  His outward scars however, are not nearly as bad as the scarring of his heart.  Will Annabel be the one to soften his heart of stone?

If you are looking for a historical christian romance story, this is the book for you!  Melanie Dickerson weaves a captivating re-telling of a classic fairytale.  You find yourself hurting when they hurt, cheering for them in their triumphs and fearing for them when they are afraid.  You will come away asking yourself if you judge others based on their appearance or on who they truly are on the inside.  A great look into the life of the middle ages in England, The Merchant's Daughter shows how different life was then, and how rare it was for someone to actually have access to a Bible.

 You can pick up the book here:

I received this book for free as a first readers copy through Goodreads First Reads and received no compensation for this review.
Source:  Publisher

Thursday, March 1, 2012

ReVamped by Ada Adams

About this book:

A simple mission turned deadly.

Nineteen-year-old vampire Dawn has led a sheltered life within the confines of her father’s presidential headquarters. Upon being sent on a mission to revamp four goofy misfits into guardians of a peaceful little town of Angel Creek, Dawn believes that all her dreams have finally come true. What starts off as a simple task, turns into something unexpected, changing Dawn’s life forever and leading the action-loving, thrill-seeking vampire teen on a path of mystery, danger and intrigue.

When a human girl is kidnapped by a group of rogue vamps, Dawn discovers that there is more going on in Angel Creek than meets the eye. And it all connects to Ethan, the cute newcomer who seems too perfect to be true, Sebastian, the mysterious vampire with a turbulent past, and even Dawn herself. Dawn must not only succeed in revamping the troubled recruits, but must also prevent the vampire race from being overtaken by a malevolent villain who has a strange and obsessive fascination with her. As threat escalates, romance blooms, and ghosts from her past begin to surface, Dawn is sure of only one thing: her life will never be the same.

My Review:

What can I say about new author Ada Adams and her debut novel, ReVamped?  It was AWESOME!  I could not put the book down!  I had to force myself to stop reading so I could get some sleep the night I started reading it.  This book is a whole new take on vampires who live openly and freely in society.  Dawn is the main character, the nineteen-year-old daughter of the current vampire president.  She has been trained since she was young in defense and now she finally has her first mission; to go to Angel Creek and assemble the four vampires living there to guard the town.  When Dawn arrives she finds that this mission is not as easy as she thought, and that these four vampires need to be revamped!

Ada Adams writes like she has been an author for years.  Her descriptive writing creates a scene right before your eyes. The characters in this book are well-developed and you find yourself cheering them on.  This is a great vampire book with a completely unique story-line. A little bit of romance and a lot of action, this book will keep you turning page after page!  There is an incredible twist that you will never see coming!  Five stars to Ada Adams on a stellar novel!  I look forward to reading more books from her in the future!  

In honor of Seth's birthday (one of the four vampires from Angel Creek), the kindle edition of ReVamped is on sale right now until Saturday March 3rd for $0.99!  Hurry and pick up this great book while it is on sale!  You can pick it up here:

Also you can stop by Ada's website for a chance to win an autographed copy of ReVamped!  Details will be up on March 3rd.  You can check her website out here: 

Happy Reading!!!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
Source:  Publisher